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F1 2020 Patch 1.16

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Patch 1.16 is out now on PC and you can check out the notes below:

  • Addressed an issue where F2 setups could not be downloaded from time trial leaderboards.
  • Addressed an issue on PS4 where pressing "Find Me" would result in time trial leaderboards being empty. This could lead to a perpetual load going to track. 
  • Addressed a crash when negotiating with a driver while an activity was scheduled for the same day in MyTeam. 
  • Addressed a crash when retiring and advancing to the next session in Classic Full Qualifying. 
  • Addressed a crash when a player leaves/re-joins while a player is scrolling through lap times in the race director. 
  • Increased the update rate of the weather forecast in the garage monitor. 
  • Addressed an issue where the option to select a new car livery for β€˜Multiplayer and Solo Use’ did not highlight.

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Topic starter Posted : 16/02/2021 8:21 pm