NEWS: Visions of Vetrovia expansion Everquest 2

We’re proud to announce that our next expansion, Visions of Vetrovia, is coming! You’re going to need to be prepared. While many of you have had your attention focused on the Celestial landscapes and the threats therein, others have never stopped looking across the vast oceans of Norrath. An enterprising captain by the name of Douglan Wakerunner … Read more

Middle-earth Enterprises Partners with Athlon Games for New Lord of the Rings MMO

  It appears that a new Lord of the Rings MMO is going to be coming in the future. The information comes via a “Voluntary Announcement – Business Update” by Leyou Technologies that has established a new publishing brand called Athlon Games. The document reveals that Athlon has partnered with Middle-earth Enterprises “to develop and … Read more