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Publish 10: The Rise of Galaxies  

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De jongens en meisjes van het SWGEmu project hebben Publish 10 voltooid en dit zijn de Patch Notes:

Publish 10: The Rise of Galaxies


Improved server stability
Various Server Optimizations
Fixed Memory Leaks

Fixed duplicate mountain squill spawn outside squill cave
Added no build zones for FS Village Phase 3 Base Locations
Adjusted spawn timers on various NPC's
Fixed some factional NPC's failing to aggro Players
Axkva Min's Guard now properly spawns and assists her when she is attacked
Adjusted no build zones around Jedi Enclaves
Fixed various Tatooine Region spawns
Fixed Grovo rancor spawn at Nightsister Stronghold
Adjusted experience payout for a few Imperial NPC's
Corrected Teras Kasi Artist Trainer Location on Talus
Added missing Chef Trainer in Bestine, Tatooine
The Trained Veermok in the Sulfur Pirates Cave on Lok will no longer aggro its trainers
Issue preventing the Hero of Tatooine Wild Bladeback Boar from respawning after being killed has been corrected
Potential case fixed where the Hero of Tatooine Pirate Leader and Pirates would not respawn

Added hue color variations to various creatures
Fixed various creatures/NPC's getting stuck on cell boundaries when pathing
Fixed issue allowing creatures to be dizzied and kept knocked down
Fixed various factional NPC chances to hit
Fixed Lowland Brackaset milk type and diet
Added various appearance templates to Dark Adepts and Dark Jedi NPC's
Added missing system message when a player attempts to loot an empty corpse
Prevented the loot window from opening when a corpse has no items to loot
Events/Dungeons/Theme Parks/Quests
Added Bestine Elections
Re-Wrote The Warren Screenplay - Fixed many issues players were having when trying to earn the Badges achieved here.
Re-Wrote Geonosian Cave Screenplay and fixed various bugs within
Corellian Corvette Terminals are no longer usable if the player is in a different cell
Badge is granted to all those in the group when completing the Corellian Corvette
Reward is now given to all group members from mission NPC after completing Corellian Corvette
Destructible buildings for missions spawn sooner when a player moves into range
Fixed destructible building terminals not appearing when spawned
Corrected issue preventing Hero of Tattooine Hermit from giving the missing Mark rewards
Mark of Courage will no longer be given with serial number showing in examine window
Fixed bug with Death Watch Bunker Voice Control Bomb Droid
Fixed an issue with a conversation string for some of Jabba's Theme Park NPC's

Added check to disallow players to attack other players inside a building they are not permitted to enter, this includes AoE attacks.
Added check to disallow players applying poison, disease, heals and enhancements to players inside a building they are not permitted to enter, this includes AoE applications
Fixed issue with PvP ratings calculating incorrectly
Fixed issue causing PvP rating throttle message to be sent at the incorrect time
Changed PvP rating kill list to be stored on the killer instead of the victim
Fixed the "Defense vs" Defenses calculation to always allow a chance for a State or Posture to Apply
Fixed Armor Piercing to be calculated against Personal Shield Generators and adjusted the decay rate

Ingredients can now be removed from an ingredient slot during ingredient input stage of crafting
Fixed erroneous ingredient in Light Blaster (red) Draft Schematic
Fixed factories consuming all identical single components in a hopper at once

FS Village
Aurillian Plant will now correctly go above very fast growth rate
Corrected issue with Aurillian Plant showing dead when it was still alive
Profession XP Modifiers will no longer apply to FS Experience Conversions
Issue fixed with Captain Sarguillo Patrol Points not despawning when arriving at next point
Captain Sarguillo Phase 3 Mission Base Timers will now reset appropriately
Phase 3 Bases now eject players that are still within shield range when they are reset
Phase 3 Base gates will no longer randomly persist in the world after they have been destroyed
Added Option to Dageerin Conversation to replace existing Radiation Sensor
Players are no longer able to accept multiple Phase 4 Captain Sarguillo Missions
Fixed FS Experience transfer window failing to close when Player goes out of range
FS Intro Quest not updating when looting the datapad from the Sith Shadow
Sith Shadow not having waypoint datapad as loot all the time
Added Functionality to re-grant Force Sensitive Box upon login if it was surrendered

Fixed Player Base Layouts to better reflect live
Terminals now spawn at random locations during the vulnerability period of a player base and de-spawn when the period has ended.
Adjusted placement of player base HQ Terminals and other terminals within bases
Corrected issue in Player Bases with Security Terminal becoming bugged if the slice failed
NPC's are now removed from the world when a Player destroys a PvE Player Base
Added system message when a player breaks the perimeter of a PvP Faction Base Minefield
Imperial SF Tactical Centers now list correct on the Planetary Map

Waypoint to a structure is now removed when a structure is Destroyed (Not retroactive for existing structures)
Fixed Structure Ejection issues. Players should no longer get stuck in the doorway or be placed under a building if ejected from any structures.
Corrected issue causing deleted players to not be removed from Housing Administrative lists
Increased range for structure /payMaintenance command
Fixed an issue when inputting power into factories and harvesters
Added mail message when a building is destroyed due to decay
Residency change cool-down no longer affects placing a city hall
Player owned Hospitals will now correctly auto-heal Health and Action wounds

Fixed players not being able to loot No Trade items from corpses inside structures
Fixed Armor Condition Decay Rate to better reflect live
Fixed issue with the Condition on the Rebel Marine Armor Chestplate loot from the Corellian Corvette
Fixed the Heat vulnerability on Rebel Marine and Stormtrooper Armor types
Rancor Bile will now have the accurate attributes on them when looted

Incapacitated and Corpsed Mounts are no longer able to be mounted
Fixed being able to make a Faction pet attack while a player is swimming
Fixed duplicate system message from being sent when faction pets were auto-stored

Added Bazaar & Vendor Text Search and Min/Max Price Filtering Functionality - Players must run the SWGEmu Launcher in order to update to the correct Client UI File!
Fixed issue with Player Trade window if one part unchecks the accept box
Corrected permissions for players in the New Player Tutorial
Random Player Name generator will no longer generate names already used
Deleted character names now usable 15 minutes after deletion
Fixed error when a player would try to select a non one time Veteran Reward
Burst Run's HAM cost is now modified by the players secondary stats


Removed Action Cost from Melee Weapon Power-Up Primary Stats
Bounty Hunter:
Added Player Jedi Bounty payout increase for Force Ranked Jedi
Fixed Fast Blast to correctly divide max damage evenly over Health, Action and Mind Pools
Adjusted Fast Blast attack multiplier to better reflect live

Fixed minimum nutrition value on several Chef draft schematics
Ormachek Dish now correctly gives its experience bonus

Fixed Grenades not bypassing Jedi Saberblock
Fixed Heavy and Consumable weapons ignoring Jedi Saberblock

Droid Engineer:
Fixed ambient droid pet sounds for most droid pets - Not retroactive for already crafted droids

Fixed the /stopListen command to function without target or parameter
Corrected Droid Effect Modules to only delay between 3-60 seconds

Added Force Ranking System
Added FRS Skill bonuses
Added /showCouncilRank Command
Added ability to recover Jedi Items from Enclave Voting Terminal
Added Force Defense skill mod damage reduction to incoming Force attacks
Fixed Force Power attacks to use ability accuracy vs Force Defense when calculating chance to hit
Fixed Players unable to restart Knight Trials after dropping Rank Member and Jedi Knight skill boxes. These Players must visit a Force Shrine to begin the Trials again if they are still eligible
Added check to ensure a player is the correct Faction for their chosen council during Knight Trials
Various Bugs with Old Man Encounter
Architect Padawan Trial NPC will no longer agro a player with negative Gungan Faction
Jedi now gain visibility when entering combat with a lightsaber
Fixed bug in Spice Mom Padawan Trial
Fixed notification window when dropping FS Skill boxes during Padawan Trials
Fixed Force Speed Ability calculation to give the correct speed boost
Corrected amount of Force gained from Force Absorb Ability
Refactored Jedi Force Power abilities
Corrected modifier on Force Resist Bleeding Ability
Fixed Force Weaken to function closer to live
Fixed Force Intimidate 2 area of effect range
Fixed Jedi Resistance States and Jedi State Defenses to be calculated separately
Fixed Jedi receiving duplicate cloning window when cloning at shrines and enclaves
Fixed on hit force costs when player has both Force Armor and Force Shield active
Force Drain will now function closer to live and have a varying range on the amount of Force that is drains
Force Drain cooldown will now be correctly reduced by Force Speed
Adjusted Channel Force bonus and HAM debuff to better emulate live values
Jedi Heal cooldown timers now better reflect live
Enhancer Transfer Force Ability will now mimic live functionality

Diagnose Ability will now correctly work on NPC's and Creatures

Changed Double Tap ability to function closer to live

Fixed Player Skill Trainers able to be placed in water
Fixed Player Skill Trainers able to be placed while incapacitated or dead
Fixed ability to summon /recruit interface while Player is incapacitated or dead
Fixed an issue with city decorations not be able to be placed again after being picked up

Fixed Creature Knowledge Skill requirement to display creature difficulty level in examine window

Squad Leader:
Squad Leaders will now receive their own passive group buffs

Teras Kasi Artist:
Fixed an issue with Defense Acuity not properly working as a secondary defense

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