Mordor Expansion



Walk Further Into Mordor

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor expansion will immerse you in the legendary land beyond the Black Gate. Every legend has a journey but not all legends are truly tested. Prove your legend!

The Allegiance System

Pledge your support to one of the factions starting to reclaim this sundered part of Middle-earth. Gain bonuses, story, and new gear in the process!

Gorgoroth & Beyond

Journey deeper into Mordor than most have dared. Visit relics of the past in lands that bring danger, intrigue and struggle.

Crafting & Gear

Updates to crafting and gear will help you further customize and outfit your Hero. Let your legend echo through Middle-earth!

New Race: High Elf

Mordor introduces the High Elf. With increased danger, you need allies! Bring the gifts of the High Elves to bear on this blasted land.

Landscape Updates

Explore the landscape of Gorgoroth to find hidden treasures, scourges on the land, and get rewarded for your exploration! Only the mightiest should journey that far into the dark places.

Where the Shadows Lie…

The story doesn’t end where we remember and your journey isn’t over! Adventure deep into the lost stories, dark reaches, and challenging enemies that shroud the lands around Mount Doom, and beyond.

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