NEWS: Visions of Vetrovia expansion Everquest 2

We’re proud to announce that our next expansion, Visions of Vetrovia, is coming! You’re going to need to be prepared. While many of you have had your attention focused on the Celestial landscapes and the threats therein, others have never stopped looking across the vast oceans of Norrath. An enterprising captain by the name of Douglan Wakerunner … Read more

EverQuest 2 – Update Toil and Trouble

Dr. Arcana has something wickedly magical to show you. The hinges creak as the weathered wooden door to the small residence opens, breaking the old woman’s concentration. She had been working with this Lost Age text since midday, meticulously translating it. Now she looks up from the scroll that was rolled out across the desk … Read more

EQ2: February 2016 Producer’s Letter

  Hail Norrathians! It’s going to be another great year for EverQuest 2! The team is excited to be working on new content updates as well as already being waist-deep on our next expansion, all coming this year. We spent January getting our plans nailed down and are busy getting ready for a big content … Read more