Victoria 3 – Dev Diary #1 – Pops

Hello everyone! I’m Mikael, Victoria 3’s lead game designer – and oh boy does it feel good to finally be able to say that out loud! Today I have the pleasure to reveal some details about that one feature everyone thinks about when they hear “Victoria” – the Pops. Pops were introduced in the very first Victoria … Read more

Hearts of Iron ® IV Available at the Paradox Store! (Pre Order)

Hearts of Iron ® IV Available at the Paradox Store! Get Pre-order Bonuses by Reserving a Copy of the Ultimate WWII Strategy Game Hearts of Iron ® IV, the long-awaited World War II grand strategy war game is now available for pre-order at the Paradox Store! Three editions are available, some including bonuses for eager conquerors. The “Standard” Cadet Edition includes the Hearts of Iron … Read more