Vic3 – Sphere of Influence Expansion Coming May 6th

Main Features Customise your Power Bloc – decide what kind of values it stands for and give bloc members powerful bonuses in addition to customising your own bloc emblem and banner. Invest in the economies of any willing countries around the world – regardless of if they are your subjects or not. Interact with new … Read more

Star Wars – Battlefront Classic Collection

Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection Coming March 14 The original favorites strike back. Team February 21, 2024 Grab your gear and your controller, soldiers. It’s time to return to the battlefront. During today’s Nintendo Direct, Aspyr and Lucasfilm Games revealed Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection, which will see the beloved Star Wars Battlefront (2004) … Read more

CK3 – Legends of the Dead DLC

Legends of the Dead – Available March 4 What good are grand accomplishments and heroic deeds if no one sings of them after you have gone? Crusader Kings III: Legends of the Dead Adds new heroic gameplay, letting you stoke the flames of your legends into a towering bonfire, as the greatest scourge of the Middle … Read more