Vic3 – Sphere of Influence Expansion Coming May 6th

Main Features

1 (6)

Customise your Power Bloc – decide what kind of values it stands for and give bloc members powerful bonuses in addition to customising your own bloc emblem and banner.

2 (3)

Invest in the economies of any willing countries around the world – regardless of if they are your subjects or not.

3 (4)

Interact with new events and Journal Entries, related to British and Russian rivalry over Central Asia – or join the local powers in the struggle to remain independent.

4 (3)

Enjoy unique flavour and events related to Lobbies, as your citizens pursue their own foreign policy objectives. You can also influence the Lobbies in other countries!

5 (2)

Hold your subject in check by changing their rulers, adjusting the amount of income they need to pay to you or even grant them control over their own market.

6 (1)

Seize the means of production – take over the foreign investments in your country… if you dare to antagonise other nations.


Build majestic Bloc Monuments with various effects influencing countries in your sphere of influence.


Meet a whole plethora of historical characters involved in the “Great Game” and discover new sets of clothes, companies and events relevant to the region!



Building Registry