NDA Lifted and Fragmented given to All Repopulation Owners

Above and Beyond Technologies is proud to announce that, after 6 months of development and closed testing, we are lifting today the NDA on our latest title, Fragmented. Ahead of its release to Steam Early Access on April 26, all The Repopulation owners on Steam should now see Fragmented in their Game library and can install and start playing right now.

Effective immediately, all players and testers are welcome to share, publish and discuss any news, screen capture and video they deem fit without prior authorization. If you are a streamer, video producer, or with the gaming media and would like access to Fragmented please use our Streamer and Media Steam Key Request Form. We look forward to seeing all your videos and images over the next few days.

Finally, we decided to do an updated Q&As based on what we’ve been hearing :

  • When will the NDA be lifted?

    • Immediately! Or actually, 2 hours ago.

  • Is this the new UE4 version of The Repopulation? Does it replace the game I backed/purchased back then?

    • No, it is not. They are two separate games, although the initial work done on Fragmented in Unreal Engine 4 will be mostly applicable in developing The Repopulation in that same engine, which we think we’ll have in testing by end of year.

  • So what is Fragmented, then?

    • Fragmented is a sci-fi survival game set in the same world as The Repopulation, only it is set at the initial landing, before mankind had settled cities or spread throughout the world. It feature crafting, harvesting, building, vehicles, farming, pets, and action oriented combat, though it doesn’t have the complexity of Repop. Combat is action based, and servers are smaller sized (not MMOs). We’re giving it away for free to all Repop owners and backers when it releases as compensation for the issues, to give our players a product which they can play, as well as a preview into what to expect from UE4 Repop. The new version of The Repopulation is being built from the Fragmented game core; they are different branches of the same base.

    • See the following for all details : https://www.therepopulation.com/index.php/news/275-the-future-of-the-repopulation

  • What will be the price when Early Access opens?

    • The price for players who do not own The Repopulation at this point will be $25 USD on the Steam store :http://store.steampowered.com/app/441790. We will be running a special discount during the 1st week for early adopters.

  • How does it work if I’m a The Repopulation owner on Steam?

    • As of right now, your key should have been added automatically to your Steam account and you should be able to download the play the game right away. Thanks for believing in our project over the years!

  • What if I owned/backed The Repopulation before Steam, I never played it on Steam and now I don’t have Fragmented listed there?

  • This is all fine and dandy, but can you share any of the stuff/features that coming down the pipe?

    • Here are some of the items that are well advanced in terms of development and which we can expect seeing over the next few weeks if all goes according to plan : engagements, dyes, hover vehicles, graded crafting items, hybrid genetic engineering, hybrid farming and mounts.

  • Will there be official servers run by ABT at launch?

    • Yes! We will be offering a whole host of servers and rulesets run by our staff, for free, to all Fragmented players. These will sport several rulesets, including PvE and PvP-only, coming in casual, normal and hardcore versions (see details here :https://www.therepopulation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=216&t=11618). We also have the capability to rapidly deploy a few hundred extra servers to meet the demand, as required.

  • Can I host my own dedicated server?

  • Are third parties going to be offering hosting for such servers?

    • Yes, we have been talking with some providers and we expect there will be offerings out there soon for dedicated servers running Fragmented.

  • Do you have resources for players?

  • Will there be a server wipe when Early Access is launched?

    • Yes, there will be one more server wipe at that point.

  • Bron: The Repopulation Website