[SC] Celebrate Luminalia 2952

What is Luminalia?

Luminalia is an annual holiday celebrated by both the Banu and Humans on December 22. It began as the irregularly-held Banu festival ‘tsikti efanga’ (Glow Festival), which was marked by the lighting of ceremonial lamps that remained lit until their fuel was consumed. While the lamps were burning, all Banu, no matter their location, were considered one Souli (a group of cohabiting Banu who formed an alliance centered around a specific shared skillset).

Today, Banu and Humans commemorate Luminalia with gift-exchanges, present hunts, glowing lights, food and drink, and gatherings of family, friends, business associates, and acquaintances.

For more info on Luminalia, check out the Galactapedia.

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Twelve Days of Gifts

Count down the days until Luminalia with us. Starting Sunday, December 11, visit this page every single day to claim your daily gift from the 2952 Advent Calendar below.

For the first time, 100% of the gifts are usable in-game, so don’t miss out! Gifts will be available to claim through January 10.

Luminalia Advent Calendar-12

The Spirit of Giving

Luminalia brings with it the tradition of exchanging gifts, but those presents aren’t going to deliver themselves. Stanton’s traders invite you to look for hidden gift-boxes around every landing zone and in loot containers across Stanton that you can sell at trading kiosks or deliver to folks around the ‘verse.


Hauling Gifts Galore

In the spirit of the season, you can participate in missions to deliver bow-adorned packages throughout the system for rewards much better than just your name on the ‘nice’ list. 

Varaal Holiday2019

Luminalia Screenshot Contest

As you merrily deliver presents throughout the ‘verse, we invite you to document your jubilant journey in this year’s Luminalia Screenshot Contest. Show us how you’re celebrating for the chance to win a luminous gift of your own.


Greet the Season

As the Standard Earth Year draws to an end, it’s almost time to gather your friends and family and light the ceremonial lamps. Banu and Humans alike come together to celebrate Luminalia on December 22, but we’re giving you the chance to spread some holiday cheer early with festive greeting cards (and win some shiny prizes while doing so!).  

Final Christmas Image-Min

Luminalia Referral Bonus

During the holiday season until January 10, referring a friend to join Star Citizen will earn both of you the Argo MPUV, a much beloved cargo hauler whose “can-do” attitude embodies the spirit of gift giving of Luminalia. Deliver presents in style by referring a friend today. 

Banner Argo MPUV

2952 Luminalia Advent Calendar

Starting Dec 11 until Dec 22, check back HERE daily for in-game goodies and prizes!