Star Wars Destiny part II

Star Wars: Destiny offers you a game that truly spans the entire Star Wars canon—from the opening crawl of The Phantom Menace to the dramatic reveal of Luke Skywalker at the end of The Force Awakens

Dozens of characters join the battle from across the Star Wars galaxy, and before your game begins, you’ll gather a team of iconic heroes or villains to face your enemies on the field of battle. The only rule is that your team cannot include both heroes and villains fighting alongside each other!

Both heroes and villains are divided into three distinct factions: Force, Command, and Rogue. You may learn the ways of the Force alongside characters like Count Dooku (Awakenings, 9) or Luke Skywalker (Awakenings, 35). You can take command of a military machine with Captain Phasma (Awakenings, 1) or Leia Organa (Awakenings, 28). Or, you can become a rogue and make your own way in the galaxy by choosing characters like Jango Fett (Awakenings, 21) orFinn (Awakenings, 45). 

Each character card shows the character’s health, the symbols on its die, any special abilities, and its point values for constructing your team. We’ll explore each of these in much more detail in a future preview.

The saga-spanning nature of Star Wars: Destiny invites you to stage countless “what if” battles between your favorite heroes and villains. You’ll choose your team from these characters, and they also form the crux of your strategy. Each character has its health listed in the upper right-hand corner of the card. If you deal enough damage to defeat a character, that character is removed from the game, and if you defeat all of your opponent’s characters, you win! Though your objective is easy to understand, it’s difficult to achieve, and you have plenty of ways to disrupt your opponent’s plans.

Your primary way to attack your enemies is by using the premium dice that correspond to your characters. You and your opponent will alternate taking turns, spending your dice to damage your enemies, shield your own characters, gain resources, manipulate the dice, and trigger special abilities—we’ll take a closer look at the dice of Star Wars: Destiny in a future preview, and you can also learn more on the Star Wars: Destiny minisite.

Support Your Team

“Become my apprentice. Learn to use the dark side of the Force. There’s no turning back now.”
–Darth Sidious, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

In addition to your characters and their dice, you also have a thirty-card deck of event, support, and upgrade cards that you’ll use to enhance your characters and turn the tables in your favor. Events like The Best Defense…(Awakenings, 75) are played from your hand to immediately alter your fortunes, whereas upgrades are permanently attached to your characters to enhance their personal abilities. Support cards like the Millennium Falcon (Awakenings, 49) also remain in play, but they are not tied to any one character, meaning they won’t leave play if one of your characters is defeated. 

Many upgrade cards and support cards also have corresponding dice. Whenever you play these cards from your hand, you’ll take the card’s die and place it on the card. Then, you’ll be able to use that die to battle your opponent in future rounds. Gaining more dice is crucial to increasing your team’s prowess and an event can quickly turn a bad situation into victory, so you must carefully consider which events, supports, and upgrades to include in your deck. 

When you activate Luke Skywalker, you roll the dice for Luke and any attached upgrades, like Force Training. These dice can be used on a later turn by spending an action!

There’s one more card in Star Wars: Destiny that can shape the entire game: the battlefield. You and your opponent each bring a battlefield to your game, and before the first turn, there’s a roll-off to decide which battlefield will set the stage for your duels. During the game, you may claim the battlefield as an action, taking the card and placing it in front of you. If you claim the battlefield, you trigger its power and guarantee that you’ll have initiative next round, but you also forfeit your ability to take any more actions for the duration of this round! Deciding when to claim the battlefield and if it’s worth sacrificing part of your turn is a crucial piece of strategy in every game of Destiny.  

Why collectible?

About the collectible model of Star Wars: Destiny, game designer Lukas Litzsinger said, “We haven’t made a collectible game in years, even though many gamers enjoy this format’s aspects of discovery and trading. Star Wars: Destiny is a game that could only exist within this category, and we’re excited to reenter the collectible marketplace and start supporting fans of this genre once more.” For more information about the collectible aspect of the game,visit our description page.

Two starter sets offer an entry point to your games of Star Wars: Destiny—the Kylo Ren Starter Set and the Rey Starter Set. Each of these starter sets offers a fixed set of twenty-four cards with nine premium dice, a rulesheet, and all the tokens you need for one player to begin playing. Whether you cast your fortunes with Kylo Ren and the First Order or search for truth and purpose alongside Rey, these starter sets offer the ideal starting point for you and a friend to start enjoying Destiny.

Awakenings Booster Pack contains five randomized cards, one of which features a corresponding premium die!

Once you’ve gotten your starter set, you’ll want to add to your forces with new events, upgrades, supports, and characters. You can find all of these by growing your collection with randomized booster packs from the Awakeningsset. Each booster pack offers five cards, one of which features a corresponding premium die included in the booster pack. These randomized booster packs allow you to enter the game at your own pace and invite you to experience the thrill of discovery or search for a particularly rare card.

What makes the dice different?

Unlike many games, the dice in Star Wars: Destiny do not use stickers. Instead, the dice are plastic-injected like normal dice and rolled in a tumbler to add a fine, smooth polish to every die. The images on each side are then physically heat-pressed onto the dice, essentially printing the artwork directly onto the plastic. Finally, the die is covered in a scratch-resistant coating, allowing you to roll these dice without their quality deteriorating.

It Is Your Destiny

“You cannot escape your destiny. You must face Darth Vader again.”
–Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

From the Trade Federation’s blockade of Naboo to the Resistance’s heroic attack on Starkiller Base, there’s no part of the Star Wars saga that you can’t encounter in Star Wars: Destiny. Choose your team of characters and grab your dice—you can demo Star Wars: Destiny next week at Gen Con Indy 2016! What’s more, we’ll have two exclusive, extended-art promotional cards (shown below) for you to pick up after a demo of the game. Choose your side carefully: each player will only receive the promo card that corresponds to the side played in the demo.

The cards shown above are exclusive extended art promo cards for Gen Con Indy 2016.

Star Wars: Destiny will arrive at your local retailer in November 2016. Until then, visit the Star Wars: Destiny minisiteto learn more and come see us for a demo of the game at Gen Con Indy 2016!