Greetings Legends,

Celebrate the release of “Solo: A Star Wars Story” with the event team by attending our live-event featuring your favourite Star Wars characters. Don’t worry, you will have two opportunities to attend this event, two of the same events on one day!

Event Name: Don’t get cocky!
Event Type: PvE
Event Date: Friday May 25th
Event Time: 1st Event: 1.30PM BST/2.30PM CEST/8.30AM EST/5.30AM PST/10.30PM AET 2nd Event: 10.30PM BST/11.30PM CEST/5.30PM EST/2.30PM PST/7.30AM AET
Event Location: Yavin 4 – Central Crater (/Waypoint 5959 -4315)
Event Description: 

A well known trio of iconic Star Wars characters consisting of Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and their loveable Wookiee sidekick Chewbacca have found themselves stranded on the remote desolate planet of Yavin 4. A location beacon stored within the Millenium Falcon indicates they are in the south-east corner of the planet in the middle of an ancient asteroid impact site. As Chewbacca attempts to repair the Millennium Falcon the location beacon onboard unknowingly is drawing the attention of another type! The dangerous criminal syndicates known as the Black Sun.

We hope to see you there supporting our favourite Star Wars trio,

SWG Legends Staff.