The SWGEmu Publish 9 – “Secrets of the Force”

The SWGEmu Publish 9 – “Secrets of the Force, Redux” loading screen competition

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Publish 9 is looming
Its just around the corner.
You have waited far too long,
SWGEmu Staff has worked too damn hard.
And now… Now we are so close.
We can almost taste it.
So we need to spice things up.
We need to make it even more… grand!
But we need your help,
We need your personal touch.

So come one, come all.
Release your inner artist.
And let your Star Wars geekiness shine.
Make us a damn fine Publish 9 themed loading screen.
Winner gets a potato!!!
And bragging rights.
Gets to be immortalized through their masterpiece.

Oh and, you might want to throw in a bit of lore
to accompany your work of art.
You know, just to explain
where the inspiration for it came from.