Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #28

Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #28!

This week the team has been really focused on the next Premium Beta release so in this newsletter we announce the release date of Premium Beta 2 and lift the lid on what to expect with some of the new features coming up.

David Braben did a live ‘AMA’ chat for the Register, a tech news site and it was announced this week that he has been awarded an OBE for his work in the UK games industry.

Contents this week
Peek of the Week
Premium Beta 2 release date
Premium Beta ending soon

„Elite: Dangerous“ jetzt mit deutscher Lokalisierung (Elite: Dangerous is translated into German)
David Braben’s live chat
Comms Chatter
Mostly Harmless Questions
David Braben awarded an OBE


Premium Beta ending soon
The Premium Beta includes a lifetime Expansion Pack, which was created to reward our early backers with a lifetime access to all future expansions of the game. You can still order it here.

For customers who have pre-ordered the Beta or the final game this is available now to buy in the store. Those who wish to upgrade can do so from a pre-order of the Standard Beta, or from the Final Game. The Premium Beta will remain available until 15th July but will then be no longer available.

If you have already pre-ordered the standard Beta and the lifetime Expansion Pack, you only need spend an additional £15 to join the Premium Beta phase and start playing Elite: Dangerous today.

You'll be flying this soon...

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