Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #24

>> Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #24 <<

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #24!

The Alpha process has been a real collaborative success story with our backers, as David Braben explains in his Progress Diary #12.

After the release of Alpha 4 last week, we highlight just a few of the very cool things it offers – its great to see people playing their own way and sharing what they discover.

The team is still hard at work so that in just one week’s time we can welcome thousands of new players to Premium Beta, and continue the great interaction with even more people to help us in the push on towards Beta itself!

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    We were doubly impressed with the flying skill of Isinona in this fantastic video.

    Flying skill of Isinona
    Not only are there some great tips on how to fly with flight assist off whilst super-cruising, but also there is a great explanation of how mass-locking affects the speed at which you can super-cruise within star systems using the Frame Shift Drive, which we discussed in the ‘Need for Speed’ section of Newsletter 21!