Fortnite 12.40 Patch Notes


We have put together an unofficial set of Fortnite 12.40 Patch Notes! A full listing of what has been updated in patches is not being put together anymore, so we’ve been compiling them for each update. We’ve got information on bug fixes, changes, and will be posting whatever else has been added to the game. We will add the official information if they are posted by Epic.

Patch Release Date & Time

The Fortnite 12.40 Patch has been officially announced and will be going live on Wednesday, April 15th at 2 AM ET (0600 UTC)! You can expect a couple of hours of downtime once it has been added to the game.

Unofficial 12.40 Patch Notes

Here’s where we will be detailing all of the things that have been added to the game that haven’t been covered by Epic. If you’re looking for leaked cosmetics, we will have a full look at them right here.

Deadpool is Getting Another Style

You’ll be able to obtain this new style via the Week 9 Deadpool Challenges. We’ll have information on these in our guide.

Deadpool (X-Force)

Hatches Are Now Glowing at The Agency!

These are very likely going to be somehow tied to the story that leads us into the next season.

The Shark POI is now a Prison

The Shark POI got a makeover and has been converted into some kind of prison! Credit to HappyPower for the images.

New Tech in Spy Games!

Copycat your opponents, push through pain with Strong Resolve, or stock up mid-combat with Resupply. Unlock these new Tech upgrades and more by playing Spy Games today!

If you’ve been struggling to earn enough experience to obtain your gold skin styles or max out your pass. There will be additional challenges coming soon according to Epic via Reddit.

Fortnite 12.40 Patch Bug Fixes

Here are the expected bug fixes for the 12.40 patch. These were taken from the Trello that display all of the stuff that Epic is working on in terms of bugs.

General Issues

  • Players using a controller may not experience any vibration feedback when taking damage.
  • Midas’ Golden Touch does not change items gold.

Battle Royale Issues

  • Due to an issue, the Grenade has been temporarily disabled.
  • Players may be unable to interact with Ollie, preventing them from completing their Skye’s Adventure Challenge.
  • Skye’s “Pull a player or Henchman with a Harpoon Gun” Challenge may not work with Henchmen.
  • Visualize SFX Audio will pulse the direction of audio sources instead of showing them consistently. (Audio appears from the correct direction and source.)