LoTRO update: 18 The Battle of Pelennor Fields

Ook al is deze update al een tijdje uit (23 mei 2016) wilde ik toch de recap ervan even posten:

Now Available

Your time is now! Bring the Rohirrim South and play your part in one of the largest battles in Middle-earth. Battle new foes, mission with old friends, and make a stand against the horde of an Army of Mordor.

* Level Cap Increase +5

* 3 New Instances

* 70+ Quests and Deeds for Level 100-105 Players

* New Weekly Instances

Make a Stand!

Unlock 70+ Quests, Deeds, and 3 new instances for you and your friends to explore and conquer.

Update 18: The Battle of Pelennor Fields can be unlocked in the store with the offer
Region Pack: Far Anórien, which is free to VIPs.
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Far Anórien

Follow the Rohirrim out of Rohan and into through secret ways hidden within the Drúadan Forest. In the westerly Beacon Hills, aid Gondorians stationed in the fastness of Ost Rimmon and wade into the Mouths of the Entwash to behold the mighty Falls of Rauros. Follow the distant drumming into the ancient wood and encounter the Wose people, ancient crafters of the Pukelmen and sworn foes of Orc-kind.

3 New Instances

Update 18 brings 3 new Instances for you and your friends to conqour.
Blood of the Black Serpent – Ride with Theoden-king against the the Haradrim and fight by his side as he slays their king. Mounted combat optional for portions of this battlefield instance.

The Quays of the Harlond – Fly to join Aragorn and his men as they arrive on the Pelennor and turn the tide in Gondor’s favour in this second battlefield instance.

The Silent Street – While the battle rages below, Denethor vies with Gandalf over the body of wounded Faramir. But they are not the only ones who have come to make claims and vie upon the Silent Street, mortuary path of stewards and kings!

New: Weekly Instances

Every week, one scaling instance or raid from a list of old favorites, will provide new chances at noteworthy prizes. The instance or raid, show in a new bar on the Instance Join panel, can be played at level 100 and above (with mithril reset) to win Scrolls of Empowerment and new, cap level essences and pieces of equipment.

New Store Items

The LOTRO Store will be getting quite a few new offers! See details on the offers and where to find them here.