M’a Jong in a Galaxy Far Far Way

Greeting Legends!

Today we’re talking about something a little different. It’s an item like no other in the game! However, before we dive in we’d like to ask you a few questions:

  • Do you find yourself standing in your house with nothing to do?
  • Do you enjoy earning bragging rights with tangible evidence?
  • Do you like playing games within other games?

Well is this item for you!

Today we’re speaking about M’a Jong’s Galactic Tiles Arcade Game!

This snazzy little piece of decoration can be placed within your player house, just like any other, and boy does it look good!

This crazy looking contraption is more than just furniture to be placed however, this device lives up to it’s name! Once placed within a house, anyone may interact with it and start the hottest game in the galaxy, M’a Jong’s Matching Tiles! This is a game many might be familiar with, however there is a twist! The objective of the game is to not only clear all the tiles off of the board, but to match tiles as quickly as you can! There is a combo system within the game, and the higher the combo, the higher the score!

Not sure what I am talking about, there is a helpful “How to Play” button found in the game window itself. There’s quite a few rules, so be sure to read up!

There are a few tile layouts to change things up: Classic, Jedi Temple, Death Star, and Tie Fighter.
Examining your M’a Jong’s Galactic Tiles Arcade Game will provide you with your high scores for each of the different layouts. These high scores are unique to each machine, so be sure to invite some friends over to assert your dominance as the TILE MATCHING MASTER!

A winner is you!
Now now, I can hear you all in the comments clamoring over one another asking “These are neat, are they in game?” in your wild tones. Yes, fair reader, they are in game! You can get a M’a Jong’s Galactic Tiles Arcade Game of your very own! “Where might I acquire one?” I hear you shouting to the heavens. Well, the vendor found on Vreni Island! Kiepaas, the events token vendor has them for sale, for a measly 5 tokens of gratification, earned from in game events and other contests. Though these contests are usually only one winner.

This fine fellow is found at -5160 -6377 on Corellia
Good luck out there Legends, and may those combos stack high!

SWG:Legends Team