NEW: LoTRO Expansion – Fate of Gunbadad

Terwijl NEW WORLD staat te trappelen om eindelijk te starten zijn de oudere MMO’s onderons ook druk bezig hun game verder uit te breiden en dit keer is het de beurt aan Lords of the Rings Online met hun 9e expansie – Fate of Gunbadad !

Eerder bracht Lotro 8 expansions uit:

ExpansionNicknameRelease dateLevel cap increase
Mines of MoriaMoMNovember 18, 2008from 50 to 60
Siege of MirkwoodSoMSeptember 4, 2009from 60 to 65
Rise of IsengardRoIJanuary 1, 2011from 65 to 75
Riders of RohanRoROctober 15, 2012from 75 to 85
Helm’s DeepHDNovember 20, 2013from 85 to 95
MordorMordorAugust 2, 2017from 105 to 115
Minas MorgulMMNovember 5, 2019from 120 to 130
War of Three PeaksWoTPNovember 20, 2020No Level Increase

Fate of Gunbadad – Experience the epic climax to the Legacy of Durin story! Battle as the new Brawler class, take on new foes, and forge new Legendary Weapons. Stand at last against Gorgar the Ruthless and the fearsome great dragon Hrímil Frost-heart in a final, decisive battle. Achieve victory and Gundabad will belong to the dwarves once again, and forever.

Gunbadad kan je terug zien in de Hobbit Film Series.

Expansion Main Features Include:

  • Fate of Gundabad Content
  • Brawler Class
  • Extra Character Slot
  • Ultimate Expedition Supplies
  • Brawler Gauntlet Box
  • Level boost to 130
  • Gundabad Cosmetics
  • Gundabad Mount & War-steed
  • Fateful Gundabad Cosmetics
  • Thunder Boar & War-steed Appearance
  • Dye Carry-all
  • 10,000 Virtue XP
  • And more bonus items!

Key Features

Introducing The New Class: Brawler
Delighting in the thrill of combat, the Brawler is a heavy armour melee fighter that utilizes Battle Gauntlets to unleash powerful strikes upon their foes. Build your mettle and strike with a flurry of blows to devastate your enemies, or focus on defense to protect your allies.

New & Improved Legendary Item System
Enhance and update your weapons with an all-new Legendary Item system! Find ancient legacies and relics in dusty barrows, or craft them with your own arts. Earn legacies, relics, and runes through daily play with new Seasonal Rewards!

Level Cap Increase
Advance your characters all the way to level 140!

New Regions, Quests, & Instances
Reclaim the once mighty citadel of Máttugard, uncover the hallowed lake of Gloomingtarn, clear the ruins of Clovengap, and push back the corruption to return beauty to the Pit of Stonejaws. Venture beyond Gundabad to the bleak vale of Câr Bronach, where the easternmost marches of the fallen witch-kingdom of Angmar once stood, or to the windswept crags of Welkin-lofts along the western slopes of the mountain. Join a fellowship to face the challenges of Gundabad in all-new instances, including a final showdown with the Herald of Winter and Lord of Gundabad herself, Hrímil Frost-heart.

Missions For Level 20+ Characters Too
Included with the Fate of Gundabad expansion are Missions that can be played at any character level between 20 and 140.

New Allegiances
Pledge yourself to helping the Zhelruka Dwarves around Gundabad with the Allegiance system!

Celebrate With Expedition Supplies
Each edition of the Fate of Gundabad Expansion comes with Expedition Supplies to enhance your journey, delivered immediately. At the Standard Edition level, get: Five 1 Hour 100% XP Boosts. With the Collector’s Edition, additionally receive: 5 Rare Crafting Components, a Virtue XP Accelerator, and Five Reputation Acceleration Tomes. The Ultimate Fan Bundle edition includes everything from the Standard and Collector’s editions, but also: 4 more Virtue XP Accelerators, a Dye Carry-all, and 10,000 Virtue XP. Expedition Supplies are limited to one per account.

Get Your Brawler Off To A Great Start With The Collector’s or Ultimate Editions
The Collector’s and Ultimate editions will help you to get your new Brawler ready to dive into Gundabad. Get a set of gauntlets that level when your Brawler does, all the way to level 130! In a hurry? Use a Valar Character Boost to instantly level up to 130. The Leveling Brawler Gauntlets and Valar Character Boost are included with the Collector’s or Ultimate Fan Bundle editions of Fate of Gundabad.

New Currency-Boosting Universal Toolkits & More
Collector’s and Ultimate Fan editions of Fate of Gundabad include Delving Supply Boxes filled with new and useful items, delivered on the launch day of the expansion. Collector’s Edition “Gundabad Delving Supplies” includes: a brand-new type of Universal Toolkit, the “Gundabad Toolkit”. With the Gundabad Toolkit, you‘ll get a 10% bonus to all Gundabad Wallet Landscape tokens that you earn. Ultimate Fan Bundle includes everything in the Gundabad Delving Supplies, but additionally: 5 Crafting Tokens of Esteem, and a new type of Universal Toolkit called the “Fateful Toolkit”. The Fateful Toolkit grants 10% bonus earnings on any Wallet tokens in the “Festival” and “Landscape” categories up through Gundabad. Delving Supplies are limited to one per account, and will deliver upon the launch of the Fate of Gundabad expansion content.

Go Big For Gundabad With The Ultimate Fan Bundle
Get exciting exclusive perks in the Ultimate Fan Bundle, including: a Housing Teleport Item to Gundabad, Equippable XP Accelerator to 130, Thunderous Cosmetic Weapon Aura, and the new Fateful Thunder Boar Mount, the first LOTRO Mount with thundering hooves.

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