CK3 – Legends of the Dead DLC

Legends of the Dead – Available March 4 What good are grand accomplishments and heroic deeds if no one sings of them after you have gone? Crusader Kings III: Legends of the Dead Adds new heroic gameplay, letting you stoke the flames of your legends into a towering bonfire, as the greatest scourge of the Middle … Read more

HoI4 New Expansion – Trial of Allegiance,

Open A New Front In The New World Write new alternate histories of the globe’s most dramatic conflict in Trial of Allegiance, a new content pack for Hearts of Iron IV. Explore and dominate a world where the strife of the Second World War threatens the safety and security of South American nations. Build a … Read more

EQ2 – Nieuwe Expansion Ballads of Zimara

Ook EverQuest2 zal verrijkt worden met een nieuwe expansion – Ballads of Zimera Ballads of Zimara Beta is LIVE! To join your fellow Norrathians on the Beta server, get your pre-order and jump right in! You can also get exclusive Beta rewards for participating! New Adventure and Tradeskill Quests Adventure and Tradeskill Level Increase to … Read more