Star Citizen Update 3.1.0 Patchnotes


Alpha Patch 3.1.0m has been released to the PTU, and is now available to test! Patch should now show: PTU-738258

It is strongly recommended that players delete their USER folder for the Public client after patching, particularly if you start encountering any odd character graphical issues or crash on loading. The USER folder can be found (in default installations) at C:\Program Files\Roberts Space Industries\StarCitizenPTU\LIVE. 

New Known Issues: 

  • The Reclaimer has been temporarily disabled due to a detrimental issue.
  • Arena Commander multiplayer modes are currently broken.

Testing Focus

Universe – Service Beacons and server stress testing.

Ships – Terrapin

Feature Updates


  • Updates to game mode loading screens.


  • Lowered the interval of AI comm chatter.


  • Disabled ECN mission pending later review.


  • Lighting update for VMA and Star Marine loadout manager.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Ships now have variable radar ranges based on size and role.

Bug Fixes

  • The ejection animation on the Razor should now function properly.
  • The Constellation series should no longer have duplicate screen for the turrets.
  • Missiles should now unlock and disarm when the player switches targets.
  • The 350r should no longer have multiple flight yokes.
  • Ships should no longer get stuck to the landing pad after spawning.
  • AI and player ships in the universe should no longer appear to stutter.
  • Targeting pips should no longer disappear.
  • Headlights should no longer be on by default when a ship is spawned.
  • All players should no longer see quantum travel points for abandoned service beacons.
  • The first ship you select in the VMA should no longer appear in a damaged state.
  • The Gladius should no longer be missing or be unable to re-equip its nose gun.
  • Preview faces should no longer jitter when swapping them on the character customizer.
  • Colliding with the underside of the Razor while in EVA should no longer result in the player being stuck in ragdoll.
  • The Dragonfly should no longer bounce off the surface when activating “flight ready”.
  • You should no longer be able to type your own text into the item description field of the Star Marine loadout manager.
  • Players should no longer become stuck in the upper turret of the Reclaimer.
  • Added interior platform to the salvage lift of the Reclaimer so players can no longer jump down and get stuck.
  • The size 1 Scattergun should now have audio.
  • Destroying an enemy ship in Squadron Battle via self destruct should no longer count as friendly fire.
  • Players should now be able to turn on the exterior lights of the Reclaimer.
  • The character model should now have idle animations on the Star Marine loadout manager.
  • Team revenge award points should now be awarded properly in Squadron Battle.
  • Made damage on Pyroburst non-explosive to temporarily fix hit issues.
  • Fixed left over size 3 slot on 350r wing.
  • AI shopkeepers in the Bazaar at Levski should no longer be static.
  • Fixed weapon fire audio loops in Star Marine.
  • Traveling at or near max velocity should no longer cause weapon tracers to appear as though they are going the wrong direction.
  • Getting in and out of the Reclaimer copilot seat should now have audio.
  • Self destruct kills should now properly award kills to the player in Battle Royale.
  • NPCs on the surface at Levski should move properly again.


  • Fixed 5 crashes.
  • Server crash fix.
  • Fix for graphical corruption issue.

Known bugs, issues, and work arounds (W/A):

  • 40014 will cause a client crash. W/A: If this occurs, wait 10 minutes and relaunch.
  • IFCS fixes are still pending.

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