SWG Legends: January Development Update

With the next restart, the January Update ’19 will go live on Omega. This update focuses on Senate Resolutions and bug fixes.

January 2019 – Patch Notes

Senate Resolution Changes:

  • The Midlithe Crystal is now No-Trade Shared.
  • Officer Tact/Stim drops now contain stims with 12 uses and tacts with 4 uses.
  • The Thermal Imaging Binoculars buff (Legacy quest item) has had its duration increased to 30 minutes and its cooldown reduced to 2 minutes.
  • The “Flight of the Veteran” cooldown has been changed from 6 hours to 3 hours
  • Patrons sitting at tables within the Mos Eisley cantina have been asked not to stand on their chairs when an entertainer is performing closeby.
  • The Emperor has ceased crackdowns on illegal enhancement shops. Entertainers no longer need to fill out a captcha window when applying an enhancement package.
  • Players can no longer attack reconnaissance antennas that share their same faction within the Restuss PvP zone.
  • Two reconnaissance antennas closest to the destroyed hospital within the Restuss PvP zone have been removed.
  • Bounty Hunter Probe Droid update:
    • The Arakyd Probe Droid will now warn the Bounty Hunter if the target has been inactive for 15 minutes or more.
    • The Arakyd Probe Droid will also warn the Bounty Hunter if the target is inside a structure that the Bounty Hunter is unable to enter, for example a house set to private or if the Bounty Hunter has been banned from entry.
    • When a player bounty is collected, mail will be sent to those who placed a bounty on the mark. This change is not retroactive – only bounties placed after this change will receive the mail notification.

Bug fixes:

  • The schematic for the T-wing has been correctly set to one weapon slot.
  • The schematic for the Heavy Vaksai has been correctly set to one weapon and one missile launcher slot.
  • The schematic for the Experimental Borstel has been changed to a more realistically EPS value.
  • The time schedule on the GCW invasions (both ground and space) has been fixed.
  • The graphical “elbow spike” bug for the male Ithorian Galactic Moon Festival jacket has been fixed. Big thanks to player Kharm for reporting this to us. He can no longer poke other players’ eyes out now.
  • The Group Show Self Option in the Misc Tab no longer resets every time you log out.
  • Turret weapons on the M-22 Krayt and Y-Wing should now function correctly.

Galactic Homeshow:

  • The Galactic Homeshow winners have been updated up to December of 2018.


  • The Voice Tab has been removed from the Options Page.
  • The Voice Flybar above the Chat Box will no longer show.


  • With this latest update, if your client crashes it will create a *.mdmp (Minidump) file. Please be sure to include this file in any future support tickets for a client crash so the development team can look into the client issue further.