SWG Legends: Development Roadmap 2019

Greetings Legends,

Some of you have been with us for nearly three years now, and we are intending on being around for many more years in the future.
As we have been going forward, most of the missing updates have been implemented, with the last ones we have been working on have been Witches of Dathomir and GCW Space.
We still have a few minor updates missing which we hope to implement in the near future. The next couple of years are looking bright for SWG:Legends as we continue to strive at releasing additional and new unique custom content.

Today we will give you a small sneak peak in what we have been discussing already within the team. We will update this Development Roadmap now and then to reflect the current state of the project.

Small Updates

This section contains all the smaller updates which will be done within the next few months and this year

Update to Ewok Festival of Love

  • New badges, updates quests and collections
  • Brand new items designed by our team and some contributors
  • Celebrate the festival in new and mysterious ways with a brand new encounter with Mister Hate.

3rd Anniversary

  • New badge, new pictures
  • New collection to earn a new and unique item

New Worldboss

  • NR-N99 as the next new worldboss with new boss mechanics and customized adds

Update to the City System

  • Part 1: 
    • Update the city maintenance and citizenship numbers
  • Part 2: 
    • Completely new and unique city specialization system
    • Implement additional city objects for the mayor to place including bridges, walls and other flavour buildings
    • Add new quests, collections and badges for citizens and mayors
    • Add purchaseable one-off bonuses to enhance cities at every rank
    • Overhauled zoning and militia system

Hardmode instances

  • Hardmode version of the Avatar Platform with new loot
  • Hardmode versions of the Corellian Corvette instances

Senate Resolutions

  • Implement the accepted Senate resolutions
    • Implemented: 31
    • Open: 45

Large Projects

In this section we are listing all the ongoing large scale projects which will not be completed within a month or two, or perhaps even within one year.
We don’t have any release aates for these topics yet.

The Star Viper

  • New iconic starfighter, the base model of the “Virago”
  • New customized items
  • New space station
  • New questline
  • New space missions

New Jedi Content

  • Adding some uniqueness to the feeling of being a Jedi again
  • New questline to obtain some long anticipated items
  • New instance/dungeon

New Space Ships

  • XG-1 Gunboat
  • V-19 Torrent Fighter
  • Hapan Miy’til Fighter
  • Lambda Shuttle
  • New POBs

Guild Space Stations

  • Three new space stations (Imperial, Rebel, Neutral)
  • Guilds can work to build/own such a space station
  • Fully decoratable space station to “live” on


  • New iconic planet
  • Meet iconic characters, interact with them and befriend them (or alienate them)
  • All new graphics with a unique look and feel
  • New quests, collections, badges