SWGLegends: The Galactic Moon Festival

Happy Moon Fest-o-ween! 

As many of you may know back in August in our Community Transmission we very naughtily teased that the Galactic Moon Festival would be having a revamp. Fast-forward a few ghoulish months and here we are in October. Time is flying this year isn’t it? The Galactic Moon Festival is destined to leave an enduring presence on the galaxy this year I can assure you..

Spooktacular Settings

The organizer, Z’ozpheratu, has negotiated a deal with Jabba The Hutt, the Kerritamba people, and the Sayormi to bring the Galactic Moon Festival to a new remote location within the galaxy. This year you can participate in the Galactic Moon Festival celebrations within the Dead Forest of Kashyyyk! (Inside of the Kkowir Forest) As part of this deal, the Kerritamba villagers and the Sayormi agreed that they would not participate in the “Trick or Treating,” but rather observe from a distance.

Of course, The Galactic Festival wouldn’t be the same without it including the other locations where this alarming celebration takes place. Moenia & Mos Eisley will return with the moon festival active within these cities.

It gets even better! Adventure through the Dead Forest to locate the Haunted House! It’s even spookier than last year. Bonus GMF Tokens and treasures await you if you are brave enough to reach into the Spider Webs or search the Sith O’lanterns. The Haunted House will also serve as a location for a few live-events! (Opening time of the Haunted House will be announced in-game.)

Petrifying The Galaxy

Get your Sith’O laterns ready! You and your friends can celebrate the Galactic Moon Festival in style this year. The missing event storyteller props have been added to Storyteller vendors and Z’ozpheratu. Pex the storyteller vendor has even decided to dress up this year in the Mos Eisley theatre. Use these tokens to spook friends and foes!

  • Upon logging in you will be granted a publish gift; “Moon Festival Decoration device” this consumable device has 10 charges. This will allow you to persist any Galactic Moon Festival storyteller prop within the game world the duration of the Galactic Moon Festival. (Note: This device will expire after the Galactic Moon Festival has concluded along with the persisted props)

(Above: Moon Festival decoration device)

October 2018 – Patch Notes: Ghoulish Quality of Life Changes

  • Rename is available again via a new Smuggler ability, Off the Record. The smuggler must use the command outside of all NPC and player cities. The command has a 30 minute cooldown, separate from existing abilities. The Smuggler calls in a Black Market Agent who can give you a new identity …for a price!
  • /emptymail should be functioning correctly now
  • Powerups will rename upon logging in, as well as newly created ones. They will list the type, modifier, and amount. Example: “Armor Powerup – Constitution (73)”
  • Socket Retrofit Tool will no longer remove innate lightsaber stats from the Juyo and Old Republic hilts.
  • TIE Advanced will no longer appear as a TIE Aggressor in the hangar.
  • Gackle Bat Familiar buff fixed from level 60 to 69
  • Interplanetary Survey Droids have had a minimum time applied.
  • The Scurrier is now able to be turned in to a mount.
  • While crafting, the Draft Schematic selection window has a new filter at the bottom.

Senate Resolution Changes:

  • Gunship shields charge to full on launching
  • The /consent command allows Smuggler’s Camoflauge Ally to work as it normally would via a group.

BPP CUSTOMER ALERT: BPP has received a tip off from an independent Beast Master geneticist that another creature is displaying unusual readings during experimentation sessions. These creatures are to be approached with caution!.. :END ALERT

Hair-raising Moon Festival Additions

  • Lost souls have been spotted within the Dead Forest. They require your assistance in solving some unusual riddles. USE CAUTION when conversing with these beings.
  • An unusual looking scarecrow has been located near the Mydrill Caverns. Explorers say some kind of path is visible will lead you to this unearthly creation. It is rumored you should assist the lost souls before conversing the scarecrow..
  • An ancient rotting tree has arisen from the ground surrounded by deathly looking witches and creatures. Group with friends and participate in a World Area PvE encounter and defeat the waves of enemies for your chance to obtain 1 of 4 RARE Galactic Moon Festival Paintings, a new Halloween Ghost Slayer badge and title, and GMF tokens! (Loot chance will be allocated by participation within this area. This will be an anti-AFK enabled area. A system message will notify players within the dead forest that the PvE encounter is about to begin with a 10 minute warning, followed by another system message and creepy music when the event begins.)
  • New rewards have been added to the Galactic Moon Festival organizer vendor.
  • Galactic Moon Festival 2018 & 2018 Slayer Badge has been added.
  • A brand new event exclusive reward “a Tormented Dianoga” has been added available to /claim up until November 14th, 2018. (Once per account. See image below!)

Do you want to see the other implemented rewards this year? It’s time to find out for yourselves. Login today and participate in The Galactic Moon Festival. 

The Galactic Moon Festival will be available through Monday 12th November. 

Hysterical Galactic Happenings

There are many ghoulish upcoming in-game events hosted by the event & social media team but also from some of our community members. Be sure to check our Facebook/Twitter & Discord server for those event announcements and the community-events discord channel.

If you haven’t started being creative yet be sure to enter our current community contests! You have plenty of time to get those submissions in! More details within this forum thread. 

A Special thanks to the Development team for creating this horrific addition to the Galactic Moon Festival.

We are wishing you all an eerie October and a boo-tiful Halloween!

May the force be with you, 

SWG:Legends Staff