SWGoH – Game Update 2/1/2017

Darth Nihilus comes to Galaxy of Heroes…and in his wake the dark side continues to stir.

Daily Login & First Order Updates
We are excited to announce that Kylo Ren has been updated and is the daily login character for February! Additionally, we have made a number of other changes to the dreaded First Order.
Kylo Ren
Ragged Cut

  • Omega upgrade now grants additional Healing Immunity chance and debuff duration in addition to +15% damage.

Lash Out

  • Now grants Turn Meter to allies with Advantage as well as First Order allies.
  • Omega upgrade now grants an additional turn of Retribution in addition to +15% damage.
  • Outrage
  • Now inflicts Stun while Kylo has full Health and deals bonus damage while he is below full Health.
  • NEW ZETA: +15% Damage and recover Protection equal to the damage dealt.


  • Now grants Kylo stacking Offense and Defense whenever he takes damage.
  • Greatly reduces the damage he takes from Percent Health damage effects such as Damage Over Time.
  • Grants Kylo stacking Speed for each debuff on him.
  • Omega upgrade now inflicts Kylo with Damage Over Time for 2 turns whenever he uses a Special ability.

First Order Officer
Marching Orders

  • Now effects a targeted ally instead of a random ally.
  • Omega now Dispels all debuffs from self and target ally and grants them Tenacity Up for 2 turns in addition to previous upgrade (Cooldown – 1.)

Pinning Shot

  • Cooldown reduced by 1.
  • Omega now reduces the Cooldowns of all First Order allies by 1 and adds +30% Turn Meter Reduction Chance in addition to +15% Damage.

First Order Stormtrooper
Hindering Shot

  • Omega now Dispels all buffs from target enemy if First Order Stormtrooper has Advantage in addition to +15% Damage.

The Order Relentless

  • Now grants all allies Turn Meter and grants First Order Stormtrooper Taunt for 2 turns in addition to previous effects.
  • Omega upgrade now dispels all debuffs from First Order Stormtrooper.

Return Fire:

  • NEW ZETA: Whenever First Order Storm Trooper uses any Ability he has a 50% chance to call an Assist, dealing 50% damage unless they are First Order, then granting them Advantage for 2 turns if they were First Order.

First Order TIE Pilot
Double Tap

  • 5% additional Multi-Attack Chance.
  • Omega now grants Advantage for 2 turns if the second attack scores a Critical Hit.

Gun Down

  • Cooldown reduced by 1.
  • Omega Upgrade now inflicts Buff Immunity for 2 turns if First Order TIE Pilot has Advantage in addition to +15% Damage.

Keen Eye

  • Now triggers whenever an enemy falls below full Health instead of 50% Health.
  • NEW ZETA: +15% Critical Chance and +10% Critical Damage, and First Order TIE Pilot has a 70% chance to gain Foresight for 2 turns each time he loses Advantage.

Leaderboards Laud
The Guild Leaderboard has been updated for January.

  • Congratulations to last month’s Top Guilds in The Pit Raid! Cónclave Hispania, RogueFrenchForce Endor, TeamSkunk Republic and {BHG} AAA Stars.
  • Congratulations to last month’s Top Guilds in the Tank Takedown Raid! Cónclave Hispania, Dark Knights, RogueFrenchForce Endor, Last Wish, BHG House Salaktori, TeamSkunk Republic and {BHG} AAA Stars.

TIE Attack Pack
Head to the store now to 7* your TIE Advanced and TIE Reaper! First pack guarantees enough blueprints to unlock a FULL UNIT

  • Player level: 60+
  • Unlock criteria: Ships store unlocked


  • Death Trooper: Daze inflicted by “Track Down” will now stop counter attacks the turn it is applied.
  • Reduced the damage Deathmark deals to enemies with the Fearsome Foe ability.

What’s Ahead

  • Be sure to get ready for the third and fourth installment of the Special Operations event this week!
  • Droids Fight Back returns to continue their fight against the Jawas
  • Assault Battles: Ground War