Unannounced Star Wars RTS Footage Shows Millenium Falcon, X-Wings, and Luke Skywalker

Bron: gamespot.com

Footage of an alleged, unannounced Star Wars RTS has surfaced. It features gameplay of classic ships and characters set at an isometric perspective in the midst of a battle on Tatooine. You can check it out for yourself on Vimeo.

Spotted by Twitter user Nerd Leaks, the video contains footage of X-Wings flying around and chasing TIE fighters, while stormtroopers, rebels, and Luke Skywalker fight it out on the ground. You can also see AT-AT’s and AT-ST’s in the mix. The game shown in the video has likely been cancelled. You can see some screenshots below.

The footage was posted by Elise Baldwin, who served as audio director for a number of games in EA’s The Sims series. She says she was the audio director on the Star Wars RTS as well, though it’s not confirmed that it was, at one point, an EA project. We’ve contacted the video game publisher for comment and will update this article as more information becomes available.