[EQ2] – Ruins of Varsoon

Datum: 09/12/2020
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“Regardless of race, faction or diety, every soul on Norrath has heard the name Varsoon. To some this merely denotes the dungeon, full of adventure and thrill to be had, but to others versed in history, the name denotes nothing but fear. “

Vanavond gaan we een bezoekje brengen aan de public dungeon – Ruins of Varsoon


Levels 25-34
Ruins of Varsoon2.png
What new devilry is this?
IntroducedShattered Lands
Zone TypePublic
Adjacent toThe Thundering Steppes
InstancesChamber of Immortality
Quest LinesThe Ruins of Varsoon Timeline

NPC Quests

Starts at: Jiana Waterway in The Thundering Steppes at ( -649, -8, 685 ) Copy

  1. Dark Creatures Lurk
  2. Keeping the Topside Safe
    • This quest has three versions, a level 28, a level 32 and a level 34. Each version must be completed ten times to reach the next version. Upon completing the final iteration of the third version, the master quest becomes unlocked:
  3. Surface Assault

Examined Quests

Did Valdoartus Varsoon really discover the secret to immortality?

  1. Last Place They’d Lookexamine a book on the floor at either ( -273, 0, -28 ) Copy or ( -301, 0, -34 ) Copy
  2. Ash Covered Necklaceexamine the ash covered necklace received in the previous quest.

Even in undeath, Varsoon’s adherents do his bidding.

Book Quests

Other Quests

These quests involve The Ruins of Varsoon, but are not necessarily part of the timeline:

  1. Ruins of Varsoon: Investigation of the MausoleumZaen Kalystir in Vermin’s Snye at ( 51, 0, -163 ) Copy
  2. Ruins of Varsoon: Revealing the Entrance(same as above)
  3. Ruins of Varsoon: Golem Creation ProcessOracle Liandrin in Antonica at ( -1034, 15, -632 ) Copy
  4. Ruins of Varsoon: Tomes of Life and DeathRune Shimmerstar in Qeynos Capitol District (red portal) at ( 715, 41, 104 ) Copy


  • Lantern
  • Leto
  • Abib

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