[EQ2] – The Return of the Light – Heritage Quest

Datum: 13/12/2020
Tijd: 20:30

Na het voltooien van de Heritage Quest – In Honor and Service gaan we onze Heritage Quest vervolgen met “The Return of the Light” Quest.

Journal CategoryHeritage  (AA)
Journal Level20 (Tier 3)
Journal DifficultyHeroic
Starting ZoneThe Commonlands more
How to StartExamine a Burned Out Lightstone, dropped from the corpse of Lightbringer Wisp around the Ring of Nature in The Commonlands ( 702, -60, -138 ) COPY
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline


  1. Speak to Cannix Silverflame, found immediately west of The Crossroads in The Commonlands. ( -313, -47, -360 ) COPY


  • Lantern
  • Leto
  • sytes
  • Roebar

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