Battlefield 2042 – OPEN BETA

Liefhebbers van het Battlefield genre kunnen hun hart ophalen met de aankomende release van Battlefield 2042. Join the fight on Orbital with a diverse selection of Specialists, cutting-edge weaponry, and vehicles to choose from. Open Beta between October 6-9, 2021. Early access is available on October 6-7, 2021 for all players who pre-order the game … Read more

NEW: LoTRO Expansion – Fate of Gunbadad

Terwijl NEW WORLD staat te trappelen om eindelijk te starten zijn de oudere MMO’s onderons ook druk bezig hun game verder uit te breiden en dit keer is het de beurt aan Lords of the Rings Online met hun 9e expansie – Fate of Gunbadad ! Eerder bracht Lotro 8 expansions uit: Expansion Nickname Release … Read more

New World Launch Details

September 23, 2021 | Updates Greetings, Adventurers! Next week on September 28, New World will be launching. The past few years of Alpha testing, preview events, and our recent Beta tests have been critical in helping us prepare for launch, and we couldn’t have done it without your participation, feedback, and enthusiasm. We wanted to … Read more