Save the forest moon of Endor Event – Apple Exclusive


Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes, Apple, and WWF are working together to protect life on our planet. From now until April 24th, WWF will receive 100% of the proceeds from all Ewok bundle purchases.

During this special #AppsforEarth event there will be two bundles available, the Ewok Starter and Ewok Booster bundles. Each of these bundles include Ewok characters and Shards, Credits, Training Droids and Crystals to help players assemble their Ewok squads to take part in the event.

This Apple-exclusive event pits Ewoks against the might of the Empire in an epic battle to protect the forest moon of Endor. Players will need to form a squad of at least 3 Ewoks at 2 star rarity to partake in the first tier of the event. The second tier requires your Ewoks to be at 4 star rarity to fight against the Empire and 6 star rarity to complete the final tier of the event and push them off the forest moon for good.