Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Asmodee Digitial gaat Arkham Horror brengen naar de digitale wereld d.m.v. Arkham Horror – Mother’s Embrace. Een Singel Player RPG met gelicenseerde Investigators van Arkham Horror. Speel als Wendy Adams, Daisy Walker, Roland Banks of 1 van de andere 12 investigators.

Er is wel een kleine twist want het bord spel Mansion of Madness zou al eerder in een digitale vorm in de markt worden gezet maar dat is nooit gelukt tot dat Mother’s Embrace het stokje overnam.

Het gaat uit komen op: Steam. in Q1 2021. Ik heb hem als Arkham Horror fan op mijn Verlanglijstje gezet.

Inspired by the award-winning board game franchise, Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace is an investigation game served with turn-based combat, set in the haunted worlds of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Plunge into an original story written by Fantasy Flight Interactive’s official writers and explore the American Roaring Twenties.

The year is 1926: a professor of astronomy is found dead in her mansion and everything indicates that she has been the victim of a heinous murder. Choose from 12 intrepid investigators from the Arkham Horror games, each with a unique set of skills, and assemble your team to shed the light over this mysterious death.

Find clues, perform interrogations and progress through nine chapters as the story unfolds. Your investigation will take you to visit  shadowed institutions and mysterious locales, ranging from Miskatonic University, the Arkham Asylum, and the bayous of Louisiana. 

As the investigators get closer to their goal, your squad will have to face curious science, living nightmares, and a sinister cult, whose mad scheme is to bring about the end of everything. Use a large variety of melee and ranged weapons, as well as powerful items and devastating magic spells to defeat your opponents in turn-based combat; while you attempt to retain your sanity.

As you face off against Lovecraftian horrors, your investigators will descend deeper into the depths of madness, affecting their level of sanity and causing traumas that will impact the course of your investigation. Care about your sanity and make the right choices … the Ancient Ones are preparing their return.

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  1. Ik laat deze helemaal aan me voorbij gaan, want ik vind de kartonnen/papieren bordspelversie véél leuker en een stuk gezelliger!Daarbij ligt op ons een ander erg leuk digitaal spel te wachten in de komende lente, namelijk New World!


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