Chronicles of Elyria: The Searing Plague – WIN Free Elyrian pledge package

Vanochtend kreeg ik deze e-mail in mijn postbus en ik dacht dat is misschien wel interessant voor STA:


Chronicles of Elyria’s first world event: the Searing Plague

You’ve followed Chronicles of Elyria, now learn how you can earn a free package and influence the history of Elyria itself!

Join our first major world event for Chronicles of Elyria: the Searing Plague! Participate with the rest of the community to battle the Searing Plague by gathering Purity Marks to fight the outbreak. Collect enough to be purified and you can trade them in for a free Elyrian pledge package!

Learn about the Searing Plague event and how you can participate!


The Searing Plague is a world-building event that lets players work together to decide the course of Elyrian history. Though it takes place in the past, its outcome will be written into the game’s timeline based on what happens over the next 6 weeks, much like world events will unfold after Chronicles of Elyria launches. To participate, go to the event page at


Accounts that currently don’t have a pledge package will be Plague Carriers who generate Plague Signs. Over the next 6 weeks those Plague Signs will accumulate toward a potential outbreak! But never fear. Each current citizen of Elyria (meaning they’ve pledged to an Elyrian package or higher) will generate Purity Seals throughout the event. Simply request healing from these players to fight your own plague status and then trade those Purity Seals for a free Elyrian package. 

Remember, the actions taken by yourself and others will be reflected on the event page by the progress of the Outbreak Meter or Cure Meter. By the end of the event, the ultimate outcome will be determined by which meter has progressed furthest. Stand with solidarity against the plague and earn a hereditary resistance to this disease that can be passed down to your heirs. Let the plague run rampant and the world map for all servers will be scarred by a plagueland biome.

Head to our blog and read the announcement to learn more or just head over to to begin participating. The event ends, and the outcome forever a part of Elyria’s history, on September 14th.


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