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Star Wars: The Card Game is a Living Card Game (LCG) produced by Fantasy Flight Games. It is a two-player card game set in the Star Wars universe. It puts one player in command of the light side of the Force (with the affiliations JediRebel Alliance, and Smugglers And Spies making up the light side), and one player in command of the dark side of the Force (made up of SithImperial Navy, and Scum And Villainy affiliations). The Balance of the Force expansion allows multi-player games. The game is set within the time-frame of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Each player has a deck of objective cards representing various missions plus a deck of player cards of units (characters, vehicles, droids and creatures), events, enhancements and fates. Each objective is linked to a set of five player cards. Deck construction consists of choosing which objectives are to go into your objective deck, then adding each of those objective’s set of five player cards to your player deck. Game play consists of deploying cards to your tableau, attacking your opponent’s objectives, defending your own objectives, and committing cards to the Force Struggle.

The dark side player wins if the Death Star dial reaches 12, with this dial increasing by one on each dark side turn, effectively putting a timer on the game. It may also be increased by winning the Force struggle, destroying light side objectives, and via card effects. The light side player wins by destroying three dark side objectives before the Death Star dial reaches 12.

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0 – 60 min

Aantal Spelers

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