SWG Legends September Update

De jongens en meisjes van SWG Legends werken nog steeds zeer hard om hun SWG NGE Emulator in optima forma te krijgen en te houden en hebben voor de maand september weer een update klaar staan.

With the next restart September Update will be pushed onto Omega.

Quality of Life:

  • As part of the new game client updated, some Discord features have been integrated. Solo players and group leaders can send invites to channels, and Discord will be able to launch the game and join via these invites. This feature can be disabled by toggling “Enable Discord Features” in “Options > Misc”
  • Graphics / Terrain Max Detail Range limit has been doubled (originally 30/8, now 60/16).
  • Client crashes related to running as Administrator now include a reminder to run the game as Administrator in the crash message.
  • Galactic Homeshow Winner points on the map have been updated.
  • Invading Droids at the Battle of Koseyet will drop droid-related junk loot.
  • Friendly NPCs in the Tusken Heroic now have a high chance of sprinting to their destination.
  • Feeling inspired by his ground friends, Chief Olum of the Blackguard will also move faster to his target.
  • Structures of all types will automatically add characters from the same account to the Administrator list (including harvesters). Characters are added after calling the radial menu on the structure or Structure Control Device.
  • The exotic modifier “Droid Speed” will now reduce Interplanetary Survey Droid return times.

Bug Fixes:

  • The original “Nym’s Theme Park” badge will be granted to players who have completed the current theme park.
  • Access Locks will now be able to add players that are offline or not in range.
  • The Droid Commander at the Battle of Koseyet will no longer de-spawn before lotto loot completes.
  • Missing Commoners, required for some delivery quests, have been added back to various cities across the galaxy.
  • Pets will no longer drag/aggro non-attackable NPCs, such as friendly Medic targets in the Tusken Heroic.
  • Medic’s “Flurry” debuff will no longer apply for an insane duration.
  • Amazing Success Chance has been fixed and will now correctly apply a bonus.
  • The Beast / Droid Datapad Storage increase will now allow droids to be created up to the maximum limit.
  • Personal Shield Generators can no longer be turned in to manufacturing schematics.
  • Personal Shield Generators have had recharge rate and efficiency loss-per-shot tuned.
  • Droid/Flight Computer will no longer unequip when removing a Booster from a ship.
  • Ships placed in a Hangar will show the texture and colors from the original ship.
  • Fixed a few Client crashes that occurred while loading in, related to corrupt files in Profiles.
  • Right-Click Dropdown menus should now work for Structure management and other server-related tasks.
  • The Prototype Tie Defender will now take collision damage as intended.
  • PvP Damage Reduction has been removed from missiles targeting Gunboats and POB ships.

Exploit Fixes:

  • Bounty Hunter player-targeted missions are correctly limited to 3 hunters per target.
  • Eject no longer works while mounted.
  • Crafting Station buffs will no longer apply without a Station placed nearby.
  • Group buffs will be removed when traveling via instant travel vehicles.
  • Group buffs will be removed when changing PvP status if the buff owner can no longer apply the buff to the target.
  • Only a single character from each account can be queued in to each Battlefield location. A system message will be sent when attempting to queue, with this notification.

Senate Resolutions:

  • A new item is purchasable from Recruiters via the GCW Token option while a GCW city invasion is ongoing. The item grants a 10-stack buff that will prevent losing buffs if deathblowed by an NPC. The buff is only effective while you are Special Forces. It will be removed on exiting an active GCW city invasion.
  • Recourse icons for Dire Snare and Dire Root have been updated and are more easily recognizable.
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