Kit Reveal: C-3PO

UNIT NAME: C-3POALIGNMENT: LightCATEGORIES: Light Side, Support, Galactic Republic, Rebel, Resistance, DroidEvasive support character that Confuses foes and strengthens mixed-faction interplay with Translation ABILITIES: Basic: BAFFLING TRICK FINAL TEXT: C-3PO inflicts Confuse for 3 turns (max 3 stacks, which cannot be evaded). If the target is already Confused, the duration for all current stacks resets … Read more

These Are the Droids You’re Looking For—Tracking the ANA Star Wars Fleet

With the recent addition of C-3PO, the All Nippon Airways Star Wars droid fleet is now complete. Here’s a quick guide to tracking all four aircraft.   R2-D2 ANA’s R2-D2 787-9 Follow the R2-D2 787-9 with registration JA873A. BB-8 ANA’s BB-8 777 Follow the BB-8 777-300ER with registration JA789A. C-3PO ANA’s C-3PO 777 Follow the … Read more