EQ2 – Guild Raid Night

Datum: 05/09/2021
Tijd: 20:30 - 22:00

Vanavond staan op het programma  Guild Raid:


Shattered Vale: Lordly Confrontation



  • Guild Raid Zone: Enter from door near the guild registrar in Freeport or Qeynos.
  • Recommended that all raiders, Good or Evil, be in either Freeport or Qeynos Capitol District when zone is entered.


Eliminate the conspirators:

  • Take down the four conspirators in the zone: three ambassadors to aspects of nature (druids, nymphs and pixies) and finally the main giant tree.
  • There are wandering mobs all around, just like in Shattered Vale: Bold Confrontation. Heroic mobs are interspersed with epics throughout the entire area.
    • You’ll also notice a ring of treants surrounding the Druid Ring as well, however they are non-aggro. It is recommnded to clear them out anyway, just in case they become active during a boss fight.
  • The first ambassador is to the left in near the tents, another is to the right in a little bend, and another is back behind the druid ring.
    • The first ambassador (druid) is to the left in the tents and will drop a chest. He has a minor stun, but that’s about it.
    • The second ambassador (nymph) is to the right and doesn’t drop anything. She has a brief charm.
    • The third ambassador (pixies) is in the back.

Final Boss

Adds will constantly spawn while the boss is AoE’ing and debuffing the entire raid.

  • Adds:
    • There are devices sitting on the Druid Ring that you can click to “release poison into the ground”.
      • Have one person run back and forth, or two people one at each, constantly clicking these devices (there’s a message that flashes across the screen when they are ready) and you won’t get adds.
  • AoE:
    • To deal with the AoE, have all ranged classes stay at max range, so only the MT (Main Tank) takes damage.
  • Dispel/debuff:
    • The final problem, and what still makes this hard, is that the boss will periodically dispel the entire raid. Your MT will lose HP buffs, defensive buffs, healing buffs, and hate buffs. Your raid will lose power-regen, and any other DPS buffs they give themselves or to the group. So, you have to hold back a bit so the tank can keep aggro, but at the same time your power-regen is constantly depleting.
      • Have 5-6 healers with two constantly rebuffing.


  • Lantern

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