[EQ2] – Zone: Blackburrow & Stormhold

Datum: 01/11/2020
Tijd: 20:30 - 23:30

Na een tour in Antonica gedaan te hebben gaan we naar de zone: Blackburrow & Stormhold

Levels 10-20
The top level of Blackburrow


Is the ancestral home of The Sabertooth Gnolls, a gnoll clan that has been feuding with the city of Qeynos for hundreds of years. Dug out underneath what was once the Everfrost Peaks, Blackburrow was historically the easiest way to pass through the mountain range on the journey between Qeynos and Halas. As such, it was also a popular destination for young adventurers from those two cities.


Stormguard was once the underground fortress of the Knights of Thunder, a group of warriors dedicated to Karana, god of Storms. Little is known of this mysterious group since most of their history was kept in the now rotted out Stormhold Library. What is known is that the order started out with noble intentions: routing undead and always quick to lend Qeynos aid. At some point one of their leaders, Lord Chesgard, discovered a cursed sword, Bone Bladed Claymore, that slowly twisted his mind. Under the sword’s influence, Lord Chesgard ordered the construction of Stormhold at a specific place in Antonica. As the Knights of Thunder were a well-established order at this time, no one in Qeynos protested the fortress’ construction.

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Levels 16-27
The doom that befell the Knights of Thunder is still here…somewhere.
IntroducedShattered Lands
Zone TypePublic
Adjacent toAntonica
InstancesThe Tomb of Valor
Quest LinesStormhold Timeline


  • Lantern
  • Roebar

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