LoTRO: Angmar

Datum: 23/04/2017
Tijd: 20:30


Angmar is a sickly region, barren and inhabited by fell creatures. Two factions of Hillmen dominate Western Angmar, the friendly Trév Gállorg and the hostile Trév Duvárdain. Both tribes have several outposts and fortresses, but the Trév Duvárdai are more numerous and powerful.

Most of central Angmar is made up of an exotic swamp, where the ground is yellow and the creatures are strange, including the massive turtles and fire drakes.

Northern and Eastern Angmar are terrible to behold. A large rift dominates the land, filled with massive spiders, deadly wargs, endless hordes of Orcs and in some places, Gaunt Lords, Lithul and Giants. Most of northern Angmar is dominated by the Orcish fortresses surrounding Carn Dûm itself, apart from the small Trév Gállorg outposts. Overall, it is an ugly, dangerous but quest filled land. It is also where some of the main quests in the Epic takes place and the home of Mordirith, the False King himself.


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