STA2k14 – Grim HEX event

Datum: 04/02/2018
Tijd: 20:30 - 23:30


STA2k14 heeft een criminele missie uitgestippeld namelijk op bezoek bij Grim HEX 

GrimHEX (Green Imperial Housing Exchange) is a base hidden deep in the Yela asteroid belt. Originally built to house workers, it has now fallen under the control of criminals. As of Star Citizen Alpha 2.5.0, it is now the default Outlaw spawn location.[1] GrimHex doesn’t appear on the Starmap.[2]


Like all Housing Exchanges, GrimHEX is built into a hollowed asteroid. It was constructed for mining purposes, but was later abandoned and is now poorly maintained. Half of the station’s corridors are unpressurized and lack gravity. The station is currently controlled by outlaws, and it is believed to be used as a base of operations by pirates, although the inhabitants of GrimHEX deny this. In addition to standard landing pads, the asteroid station also contains hangars. Due to its vertical nature, elevators are used to traverse the base. It has a racing course, as well.[3]

Ben jij criminal genoeg om mee te gaan? Mijn Gangsta Aurora MR is er helemaal klaar voor !


  • Lantern
  • Roebar

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