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“Life is feudal” is an indie project of the Hardcore Sandbox MMORPG, set in a Realistic Medieval fictional world. Let me explain every word in the previous sentence.


Full loot, free PvP, assets destruction during sieges and raids, complex crafting and no target combat systems. These are just some of features that makes our game rather hardcore then casual “theme park” MMORPG.


Sandbox means that our goal is to design virtual world with its own set of mechanisms and rules that will let players to do anything within our world that their imagination desires. Like a real sandbox, with some sand, some tools and your hands you can do, whatever you want – dig a tunnels, shovel moats, build castles and raise hills.

These are the exact same things you will be able to do in our game: you can shape terrain in any way you like, such as raise ground, lower ground, flatten it for further building placements, dig tunnels, even find ore veins and mine them. You can build whole underground cities, as you are not limited with width or height of your tunnels. You can make a huge pyramid with your friends and dig a maze inside of it just for fun. Only limitation is your imagination! Please watch our pre-alpha videos to get a look at these aspects of the game in more detail.

If you don’t want to dwell underground you can make a home for yourself, a whole village, town or even a castle. You can also make it sandbox-style. We will let you build whole castle walls with sections, allowing you to build it however you like. Who knows, maybe you will be the first one to build the Great Wall in our world. Same goes for buildings – you can either choose to use preset buildings (such as windmills, warehouses, keeps etc.) or design your own multistory building square by square and build them however you like.



MMORPG stands for massively multi-player online role-playing game. This means, that you won’t be alone in your sandbox, there will be many more other players that will be aiding you further your own goals, or working against you to further their own, all the time shaping our virtual world. It also means that there will be an RPG system, based on: statcap and skillcap concepts (UO style), alignment and a rich crafting system spiced with an innovative flash minigames concept.

Realistic-fictional world

This means that we are inspired by the medieval ages (since fall of Rome till gunpowder in Europe) and representing this time period with as much realism as possible, this is our focus as we approach every aspect of our game building process. However on the other hand, story, race archetypes, some equipment and items are fictional. Religion is more powerful in our world, allowing some localized wonders to appear or giving powers to players to recall back home or protect their divine private property from vandals. So it’s neither a historical simulation game with 100% authenticity, nor we will have elves or orcs in game. It is a hybrid of the two, leaning more towards realism.

Only part of that sentence left unexplained is “indie project”. We have grown from enthusiasts to indie state by managing to achieve few investments from non gamedeveloping/publishing entities, which allows us to work fulltime and with full force on our project, but without influence on game design and development processes from outside. And that’s cool! Trust me ;)

Currently we’re in closed alpha stage. This means that we have a lot of different functionality done, but we still have a lot of work to do.




In the midst of the ongoing war between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, a long-hidden sect of extremists has emerged, led by the enigmatic former hero of the Jedi Civil War - Revan. These “Revanites” are mustering an army with an apocalyptic plan that will leave the Republic and the Empire in ashes.

Prepare to face Revan and his fanatical followers as you adventure through five new levels of story-drivenStar Wars™ missions, reach new heights of power at an increased Level Cap of 60, explore exciting worlds and fight new high-level multiplayer Flashpoints and Operations in the Digital Expansion, Shadow of Revan!





Pre-Order by
November 2, 2014

Pre-Order by
December 1, 2014

Seven Days of Early Access




Limited-Time Class XP Boost 
Subscriber Exclusive




Grand Statue of Revan



First Digital Expansion:
Rise of the Hutt Cartel
(Offer continues post launch)



$19.99 USD


Not a Subscriber? Upgrade Now.


Fight to Stop Revan’s Master Plan

Embark on an epic new storyline with full voiceover and dramatic cinematic moments as you prepare to face Revan, one of the most powerful characters in The Old Republic era.


Power Up with Five New Levels

Continue your Star Wars saga with an increased Level Cap of 60 and obtain powerful new abilities and equipment as you advance to new heights of power!


Explore Savage New Worlds:
Rishi and Yavin 4

Travel to the tropical world of Rishi, a dangerous pirate haven at the edge of the galaxy, then continue your story on Yavin 4, home of the fearsome Massassi warriors!

  • Fight in New High-Level Flashpoints and Operations – Team with allies to face the most epic foes in the galaxy with two new role-neutral Flashpoints, four Hard Mode Flashpoints and ten new powerful bosses across two Level 60 Operations.
  • Customize Characters with the New Discipline System* - Choose from among a set of new Disciplines, see your Path before you, and customize your combat experience to fit your play style. Check out the blog for more details!
  • Unlock New Gear and Reputation Rewards - Earn powerful new Revanite gear, crafting schematics and new mounts, including armored vehicle transports!

*The new Discipline System is a game-wide update that will be released with Game Update 3.0 at the start of Early Access on December 2, 2014.



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NOTEFree-to-Play Restrictions Apply.

We have talked about the outposts which will be introduced into Beta 2. Click here for a video that shows how precarious docking can be out in the open!



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(Tuesday, Oct 21. 2014 12:40 PM)
Wat een stilte….. Mag ik een koffie, kan ik er mooi even de Galnet Gazette erop naslaan…..
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(Saturday, Oct 4. 2014 11:10 AM)
@Leto. Voor mij ook niet. Geen plek meer voor :P
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(Thursday, Oct 2. 2014 11:27 AM)
Nee dank je ik heb niks met Borderlands

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Shadow of Revan - SWTOR Expansie interessant?

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