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Attention Generals,

Today we come to you with a rather important message: Hearts of Iron IV will release in late Q2. .

“Hearts of Iron IV is a very ambitious undertaking and we might have been a tad optimistic with the original Q1 2015 date that was communicated. Hearts of Iron IV is our most complex game with massive scale as well as a lot of systems and details you need to get right. Its a lot of work to make it as good as we want it to be.” 
Project Lead Dan Lind wrote in today’s developer diary, you can read it here.

We’re hosting a Q&A Live stream about the delay with Dan tonight at 18:00 CET at If you have any questions please post them in the developer diary thread.

The sign up-campaign keeps going strong and you as a community has reached tier two, unlocking new rewards for when the game releases! That means there’s you’re almost at the beta invite unlock*! View the community progress here:

*10 beta invites will be distributed randomly within the crowd of the most dedicated generals who successfully referred 20 or more people.

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