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Electronic Arts heeft bekendgemaakt dat Star Wars: Battlefront een spelvorm krijgt die Blast gedoopt is. Het is een team deathmatch-variant voor 20 spelers. De strijd vindt plaats in kleine ruimtes, maakt ontwikkelaar DICE bekend.

Electronic Arts kondigt de spelvorm aan via een post op de website van de game. Twee teams van tien spelers nemen het tegen elkaar op. DICE wil van Blast close quarters battle maken. In andere multiplayer-spelvormen zal de schaal groter zijn. In Blast bezoeken spelers bekende locaties als Endor, Sullust, Tatooine en Hoth.

Spelers kiezen in Blast een loadout met een beperkt aantal wapens, al zijn er extra wapens te vinden die tijdens een match opgepikt kunnen worden. Door de kleine schaal van de maps zijn er geen voertuigen in Blast opgenomen. Star Wars: Battlefront verschijnt op 20 november, voor Windows, PlayStation 4 en Xbox One.

Blast in Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Uprising, an upcoming mobile game by Kabam, is set in the days after Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi and continues the story of the rebellion against the Galactic Empire.The Battle of Endor is over. Rumors of theEmperor’s death spread throughout the galaxy, and footage of the Death Star’s destruction is shown across the stars. To prevent the chaos that could grip the Imperial regime in the wake of the Emperor’s demise, Governor Adelhard locks down theAnoat sector in the Iron Blockade. With the Rebel Alliance on the other side of the blockade, a resistance movement made up of civilians, criminals, and freedom fighters arises to create an uprising of their own.

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The Battle of Endor has left the galaxy in a state of near-chaos. Is the Emperor dead? Did the Rebellion win? Governor Adelhard assures the people of the Anoat sector that such claims are treasonous lies, and anyone caught spreading them will answer to him. In the beginning of Star Wars: Uprising, as a resistance movement begins to take shape, you start as a smuggler targeted by the Empire for transporting contraband in the Anoat sector. You find yourself on the run, and you learn how to fight and flee from Imperial forces while forming a crew of your own.

Star Wars Uprising Riley

Star Wars Uprising Deathstick

Star Wars Uprising Adelhard

Star Wars Uprising Commander Bragh

Star Wars Uprising Brask
Star Wars: Uprising takes place in the Anoat sector, behind the Iron Blockade. The sector is located in the Outer Rim Territories, a once-lawless region of space that the Empire has spent years attempting to tame and control. The sector’s diverse locations include the frigid ice planet Hoth, where the Rebel Alliance fought the Empire during the Galactic Civil War; as well as Cloud City, the tibanna gas mine on Bespin that was once led by the famed Lando Calrissian.
Anoat Sector

Star Wars Uprising Anoat Sector

Star Wars Uprising Bespin Approach
Cloud City

Star Wars Uprising Cloud City

Hoth Small
Echo Base

Star Wars Uprising Hoth
Burnin Konn

Burnin Konn
The Iron Blockade has left the people of the Anoat sector trapped within their own space. The Rebel Alliance is on the other side of the Imperial war machine. If the people hope to bring freedom to their sector, they must do so together. A resistance movement made up of assassins, bounty hunters, civilians, freedom fighters, pirates, smugglers, and more comes together to fight back.
Rebel Alliance

Star Wars Uprising Rebel
Galactic Empire


Anoat Noble
Trade Spine League

Trade Spine League

Star Wars Uprising Assassin


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