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Millennium Falcon


The photos are only 4 and I personally haven’t seen them before. They do look like they were taken from Pinewood. If you want to take a peek then hit the jump and don’t worry there are no spoilers ahead…



So here they are:


pinewood set

pinewood set

pinewood set

pinewood set


The first picture definitely looks like a corridor of a Star Destroyer or another Imperial structure. It also perfectly matches with the pictures that TMZ leaked a few months ago again from Pinewood. Especially this one:


pinewood set


There’s nothing special about the Falcon pics but they do look legit. We know that during the filming of the Original Trilogy they used blue screens, so these are definitely not old photos. Still I was told that some of the 4 photos are old and some are indeed from Pinewood. Help us figure out which are the old ones in the comments. has been given beta access keys for  Landmark! Get your key now while they last!

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About Landmark

Landmark developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment is a free to play MMORPG alongside EverQuest Next Players can head into the world of Landmark and let their imagination run free building whatever they so choose. The ForgeLight Engine allows for players to have the tools they need to build houses, stores, villages, and even giant Landmarks cooperating with others.


  • Build Anything | If you can think of it, chances are you can build it.
  • Explore and Claim Territory | There are many massive Landmark worlds waiting to be claimed and built upon.
  • Construction Contests | Work alone or in groups in construction contests in which your creations can make it into the Everquest Next world!
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Gisteren hebben we het 10 jarig bestaan van Solar Trade Alliance gevierd met een heerlijk BBQ met anekdotes over kleine maar zeer hechte Guild. Bedankt: Koetje, Fioon, Dashea, Sytes, Roebar en onze enige echte Abib.

Als presentje kreeg ieder een T shirt van dit evenement !



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Avatar imageLeto_jr
(Saturday, Aug 23. 2014 11:34 AM)
Nee spijtig die RTS games die jullie spelen, trekken mij totaal niet.. net eindelijk na ruim een dik jaar BL2GOTY+extra’s kunnen aanschaffen met 75% korting op Steam.
Avatar imageLantern
(Friday, Aug 22. 2014 01:19 PM)
Leto kom nou gewoon lekker met ons spelen !
Avatar imageLeto_jr
(Friday, Aug 22. 2014 01:15 PM)
En dan krijg je de andere twee games Van Helsing en Deathlight gratis bij. Alles tezamen voor 1 euro.

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