News and Notes:


  • Helegrod Drake Wing’s non-cap quest now completes for cap-level characters.


  • Bert Bartleby’s backpack no longer looks misshapen when worn with a Rune-satchel.
  • The Barbed Blade of Rhûn, Greatsword of the Citadel, and War-axe of Khand that are available by barter from the Defenders of Minas Tirith Quartermaster now bind on acquire.
  • Housing items are now returned to storage if their housing hook cannot be found.
  • Grant Hobbit Dance 4 and Grant the Fountain Emote items from the Summer Festival no longer automatically consume when acquired.

Quests and Regions

  • Entering 3 Stonemirk Street in Dwarf housing neighborhoods no longer places you inside of 1 Stonemirk Street.
  • A Mustering Horn has been added to Minas Tirith (After Battle).


  • Runekeeper’s Essay of Exaltation now targets up to 15 players to prevent possible crashes.
  • The Defenders of Minas Tirish Quartermaster now offers Return to, Guide to, and Muster in after-battle Minas Tirith skills for those of Friend standing or above.