Celebrating 15 Years of The Lord of the Rings Online!

Find information here about our 15th Anniversary celebration, gift giveaways, and more! Make sure to log in before the Anniversary Event ends to claim your gifts!

This year we are partying in a big way, with all sorts of giveaways, events, and more. Read on to celebrate with us!

The Anniversary Event Returns!

Our Anniversary Event starts at the Party Tree, located on The Hill in The Shire (location: 29.9S, 71.5W). When you first log in while the event is active you will also receive a message in Available Quests, which will get you a free map to take you there. Once there, make sure to pick up the wrapper quest “Another Lovely Year” by speaking to Waldo Rumble by the Party Tree! You can read more about the Anniversary Event in our guide.

This year we are debuting a new Festivity Instance called “A Flurry of Fireworks!” Help bring about the greatest fireworks display Bree-land has ever seen! Find “A Flurry of Fireworks” in the Seasonal Instances category of the Instance Finder. The Instance Finder can be opened by pressing Shift+F or by navigating to it in the Main Menu.

This year’s Anniversary Event features a ton of new items to barter and earn! Among the new rewards are cosmetic items, a steed, and war-steed cosmetics “of Crystal Resolve”, a new Golden Crystal Beetle cosmetic pet, new fireworks consumables, a new housing fire pit and fireplace, and the debut of a new pet: the Corgi!

Corgis can be bartered for Festivity Tokens, Anniversary Tokens, or Mithril Coins. Some Corgis are hauling a cart while others are running unburdened. Everyone who logs in during the Anniversary Event will receive a free Corgi pet. 

Anniversary Tokens can be bartered during the event for the following new rewards:

  • Cloak of Crystal Resolve
  • Boots of Crystal Resolve
  • Gloves of Crystal Resolve
  • Helm of Crystal Resolve
  • Pauldrons of Crystal Resolve
  • Chestplate of Crystal Resolve
  • Crystal Resolve Garments – Gift-wrapped selection box
  • Steed of Crystal Resolve – Festival/Mithril Barter
  • Saddlebag of Crystal Resolve
  • Caparison of Crystal Resolve
  • Head-piece of Crystal Resolve
  • Legs of Crystal Resolve
  • Saddle of Crystal Resolve
  • Tail of Crystal Resolve
  • Crystal Resolve War-steed Cosmetics – Mithril Barter
  • Tome of the Golden Crystal Beetle
  • Tome of the Fireworks Corgi – Mithril Barter
  • Fireplace of the Dragon’s Hoard
  • Firepit of the Dragon’s Hoard
  • Soaring Pinwheel Fireworks – consumable – Steel token barter
  • Flaming Pinwheel Fireworks – consumable – Steel token barter
  • Willow Fireworks – consumable – Steel token barter
  • Enemy Tears Fireworks – consumable – Steel token barter

Festivity Tokens can be bartered for the following new items:

  • Anniversary Blue Sparkler
  • Tome of the Tri-colour Corgi
  • Teal Anniversary Fireworks Banner
  • Purple Anniversary Firework Banner
  • Explosive Fireworks Crate
  • Lamp post with Celebratory Yellow Banners
  • Post with Celebratory Teal Streamers
  • Celebratory Red Banner Wall Hanging
  • Celebratory Yellow Long Banner Wall Hanging
  • Teal Ceiling Streamers
  • Green Ceiling Streamers

The Anniversary Event begins at 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on April 20th, 2022, and runs until 3:00 AM Eastern on May 12th.

More FREE!

As we announced in the March 2022 Producer’s Letter, We’re making some big changes to the game! The following will happen automatically when Update 33 is released:

Permanently Free for everyone:

  • High Elf Race
  • Classes:
    • Rune-keeper
    • Warden
    • Beorning
  • ALL Quests, Instances, areas, and expansions released between April of 2007 and the release of Helm’s Deep. Quest, craft, and explore your way to level 95! Includes:
    • Expansion Quests: Helm’s Deep
    • Expansion Quests: Isengard
    • Expansion Quests: Mirkwood
    • Expansion Quests: Moria
    • Expansion Quests: Rohan
    • Instance Cluster: Isengard
    • Instance Cluster: Rohan
    • Instance: Halls of Night
    • Instance: Inn of the Forsaken
    • Quest Pack: Eriador Bundle
    • Quest Pack: Angmar<