SWG Legends: Empire/Remembrance Day!

Zoals de meeste al in de gaten hebben speel ik de laatste tijd SWG Legends een op NGE gebaseerde SWG emulator met best een grote community van rond 1000 man online per dag. 

Buiten dat SWG Legends de laatste SWG NGE versie heeft uit  2011 viel mij op dat ze buiten patching ook zelf content maken en Empire/Remembrance Day! is daar een voorbeeld van:

Greetings Legends,

As you know It’s that time of year again where Empire/Remembrance day celebrations are about to begin right across the galaxy. Honour the rise of the Empire and the end of the Clone Wars, or fight Imperial propaganda! Whichever faction you support, from today until July 20th you have your chance to make your mark in the galaxy. Upon logging in you will receive a Factional Target Dummy Controller which you can place & use in any player structure you own. – (Note: We are aware of the Target Dummy not being rolled out to players on Omega. Will update when It’s working correctly.)

(A Rebel Factional Target Dummy)

A Galaxy divided!

We are bringing back last year’s event in the city of Theed; the birth planet of our Emperor will once again show the Imperial colours as they welcome Lord Vader and Emperor Palpatine to the numerous celebrations happening throughout the city.

At the same time, Princess Leia Organa alongside Han Solo and our lovable hero of the Rebellion Chewbacca will be making appearances on “the planet of the bold and lucky” Corellia! They will honour the heroes of the Rebel Alliance at Coronet City theatre.

Lies and slander!

Both factions are actively attempting to sabotage the celebrations of the other. Military leadership has sent out faction officers to hand out missions to those who wish to participate. You will find reward vendors in Theed and Coronet where you can spend the tokens you receive for your effort. Rewards this year have been spiced up this year. You can now obtain the following brand new rewards.

Rebel Alliance: AT-XT Walker Mount – 30 Remembrance Day Tokens
Rebel Alliance: Employment Terminal: Rebel X-wing pilot greeter – 25 Remembrance Tokens
Rebel Alliance: Six years of Galaxies – 10 Remembrance Day Tokens


Galactic Empire: AT-ST Walker Mount – 30 Empire Day Tokens
Galactic Empire: Employment Terminal: Tie Fighter pilot greeter – 25 Empire Day Tokens.
Galactic Empire: Six years of Galaxies – 10 Remembrance Day Tokens

(Above: An AT-XT Walker Mount)

(Above: Six years of Galaxies painting)

That’s not all. Check out below two brand new factional player houses obtainable this year exclusive to SWG:Legends costing 750 Empire Day tokens each.

(A unique looking Rebel themed house)

(A unique looking Imperial themed house)

A Raging War!

Stay tuned for an objective based PvP event taking place on the planet of Rori within the destroyed city of Restuss and then into the dark nebulas of space. This will be our first 24 hour server event. Factional high command have stated the title of ‘Brave Soldier’ could potentially be issued to special forces personnel who are outstanding in the heat of battle.

In it to win it!

Keep your eyes open for limited time Empire Day/Remembrance Day community contests. We love seeing the different ways that you participate in in-game activities and you can bet we will throw some Galactic Civil War related community contests for you to enter.

As always,
May the force be with you.

SWG:Legends Staff.

SWG Legends Specificaties:

Jump to Lightspeed:Yes
Multipassenger Ship (POB)Yes
Ord Mantell:Yes
PvP Battle Zone:Yes
TCG Loot items:Yes
Treasure map:Yes