[UPDATE] SWGLegends 2020

De jongens en meisjes van de Star Wars Galaxies NGE Emulator SWGLegends blijven deze emulator voorzien van nieuwe updates en content. Buiten het feit dat de content bestaande content is met wat wijzigingen maakt men ook nieuwe content wat niet beschikbaar was in de orginele game.

Hier is een lijstje van updates en content wat live is gegaan of nog in de pijp zit.

  • The Avatar Platform (Hardmode) is now listed as a Heroic instance and can be run once every day
  • The whole instance has been upgraded to group content level
  • All NPCs have been upgraded and given buffs and special attacks
  • The bosses in the instance will have new combat mechanisms
  • An optional fourth boss has been added
  • The loot boxes have been upgraded to provide a challenge to the group
  • All NPCs have many new items as loot, including heroic level augmentations and enhancements
  • Each player needs to accept 2 quests before starting the heroic run: Talk to Hssissk Bloodscale (at 516 426 Kashyyyk) to get the ‘Assault on Avatar (Hardmode)’ quest. Then talk to Marium Valmont near the Kachirho Tree (-578 -68 Kashyyyk) for the ‘Avatar Run (Hardmode)’ quest. Marium Valmont will send you to the instance once you are ready to go.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll recall many of the enemies you encounter in Avatar Platform Hard Mode, but there are a few added surprises thrown in that you’ll soon discover on your own. The threat level and mechanics on some of these enemies vary, but we can promise if your team isn’t careful, you’ll meet a swift end one way or another on this Avatar Platform.

Avatar Bosses:

  • Links Boven: Blackscale Lieutenant Tsokk
  • Rechts Boven Blackscale Commander Gorossk
  • Links Onder: Doctor Zissikk
  • Recht Onder: Harwakokok The Mighty

Joining the Action!

Every hour one of these locations will be enabled for 45 minutes and will give GCW points and new Flashpoint Tokens for every PvP kill. You are not automatically fagged for PvP when you enter one of these zones, you will have to do this manually to show your willingness to participate in PvP. The delay for declaring your faction standing is only 3 seconds! Be prepared to fight when you declare within the Flashpoint!While. You can simply type ‘/gcwFlashpointStatus’ into your chat console which will open the following window. In the image below you can see that no GCW Flashpoint zone is currently active.

Once you’ve arrived at the base camp you’ll have access to your standard PvP provisions. These include; The 2-1B surgical droid & factional recruiter. These camps serve as good locations to congregate with friends or guild members to enhance each other with the various in-game buffs which are available to you. Some of these may include: Entertainer buffs, Medic buffs, Tactical Stims (From an Officer) and the various other class specific buffs.

For each PvP kill that you secure within the Flashpoint region you will receive a new currency called ‘A Flashpoint’ token. These tokens are fully tradable. The token will appear in your inventory as an insignia of your current faction standing.

(Above: A Rebel Flashpoint Token)

We’ve deployed vendors to the Township of Aurilia (Dathomir). Conversing with these vendors will show you the full range of rewards available. These include: New weapons, armor sets, a TCG buff item, TCG house, TCG speeder, TCG ITV item and more!

a Rebel Desert Soldier (Flashpoint Vendor) /way 5348 -4155 dathomir
an Imperial Shoretrooper (Flashpoint Vendor) /way 5263 -4134 dathomir

Upcomming Content:

Jedi Theme Park – The Rise of the Forgotten

The Jedi Themepark Prologue

  • A retired traveler has settled down in the hidden village of Aurilia with news of a newly discovered temple. Players will need to talk with him and work together to find and explore this unknown temple to figure out what secrets lie beyond it.
  • Introducing two new heroics, players will face new enemies and challenges as they fight to keep balance within the Force.
  • The heroics require a minimum of 4 players in a group.
  • The prequests require a minimum level of 86. Recommended to do them at level 90.
  • This prologue content is available for ALL professions, and does not require you to be a Jedi.
  • New craftable and customizable loot is available from both the Aurilian village vendors and from loot drops, including returning TCG items and Pre-CU Village items.
  • New weapons and armor are available.
  • New collections are available.