New World is Getting a Wheel of Time Crossover Starting Tonight

New World is getting a tie-in with Amazon Prime Video’s The Wheel of Time series adaptation in time for the season finale tonight. 

The season finale is out today and to mark it, Amazon Game Studios is releasing seven special items through Twitch drops starting tonight, December 23rd at 9 p.m. Pacific and ending January 12th 2022 at 12 a.m. Pacific. If you are able to watch seven cumulative hours of New World streams with drops enabled between those dates, you will be able to earn all items in the special drop package, unlocked one at a time with each hour watched. 

New World is Getting a Wheel of Time Crossover Starting Tonight

If you’re a fan of The Wheel of Time series, you should recognize these items as featured. The items you’ll be able to get in New World are as follows: 

Nynaeve’s Coat “Listen to the winds for they carry true wisdom.”

Red Ajah Cloak “This color serves as a warning for those who would seek to do harm.”

Tam’s Blade (Rapier skin) “Beautiful as it is deadly. A true guardian’s weapon.”

Ouroboros Crest

Children of the Light “Ivory robes can sometimes belie the intentions of their wearers.”

Shadowspawn Blade (Sword skin) “The fearsome claw of a terrible dark lord.”

Egwene’s Cloak “Only the gifted can follow the path of magic.”

In order to get one or all of these items, tune into New World  on Twitch on channels that have drops enabled with your Twitch account linked. Amazon is also hosting watch parties  for the season finale with a group of streamers who will follow those watch parties with drops-enabled Twitch streams of New World New World after the show ends. 

If you want all the details on the event, including which streamers will be up and running for the events of tonight, check the announcement over at New World .

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    Yup ik was er al mee begonnen, spijtig niet al in augustus of september gedaan.Ik vraag me alleen af als je geen Prime Gaming abo hebt, of het dan ook nog lukt om drops te verzamelen.

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